Master Bedroom Closet Expansion

You have no idea how excited I am to FINALLY have more closet space in our modest master bedroom from the 60's. The idea to figure out a way to carve more valuable closet space has been 15-years in the making. It took selling a piece of furniture and staring at the empty void for inspiration to strike. Today I'm sharing our Master Bedroom Closet Expansion and how we carved a small and narrow piece of real estate from our master bedroom to build a second closet.

Master bedroom closet expansion

As I mentioned above, our home was built in the 60's and the rooms are a modest size by today's standards. Especially lacking in homes of this era is adequate closet space. Our master had one closet with the traditional single rod running from end to end and one shelf above it. In dire need to maximize this space, we installed a double rod system a few years ago. It helped maximize the space but with two people sharing the closet, our clothing was squished like sardines.

Pictured below is the one and only closet...

Existing Master Bedroom Closet Before Expansion

As Mr. Frugalista's wardrobe has expanded for his job and mine for...ahem...we won't discuss that, using a small closet was no longer an option.

Mapping The Master Bedroom Closet Expansion

After giving the small bedroom hutch (pictured below) a Small Armoire Makeover too pretty for a bedroom and selling it, I kept pondering how we could convert the small 12-inch narrow space into another closet.

Old Bedroom Hutch before Master Bedroom Closet Expansion

A few weekends ago I presented Mr. Frugalista with a scaled drawing of an idea that I had. Hearing the desperation in my voice construction immediately began.

A Master Bedroom Closet Expansion Using A 12-Inch Narrow Space 

Day One - Framing and Drywalling the new closet

Framing the Master Closet Expansion

By the end of Day One, we had this...

Drywalling the Master Bedroom Closet Expansion

Day Two - Prepping the drywall for paint

By the end of Day Two, the drywall was taped, patched, sanded and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Prepping the Master Bedroom Closet Expansion for paint

Day Three - Paint, Trim, and New Closet Doors

By noon the closet had two coats of fresh paint. If you are wondering about the color it is Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore HC-146.

Trim matching the existing closet was installed by mid afternoon.

Because of the narrow footprint of the closet and wanting to use all 12 valuable inches of depth, installing bi-fold doors was not an option. We did purchase bi-fold doors, that matched the ones on the existing closet, but instead of folding in the center we joined the doors together.

How we did that was by joining them together with the hinges that came with the bi-folds (and then stopping them from folding by installing metal brackets in four places across the joints (see picture below). The doors were hung with regular door hinges onto the frame.

Installing adjustable shelving in Master bedroom closet expansion

Day Four - Installing shelves

Metal shelving uprights were installed on the back wall of the closet so the shelves could be adjustable. Sheets of 12" x 8" white melamine were used for the shelves. They were cut to fit the width of the closet and then ripped on the table saw to 10-inches deep.

Day Five - Organizing Day

Despite the shelves being only 10-inches deep, they are perfect for housing pants, t-shirts, sweaters, purses, and shoes in plastic shoe boxes. I'm thrilled with how much room is now in our existing closet for hanging clothing and how much space is available for folded clothing in the new closet. You can see in the photo below, there's room for more!

Organizing the master bedroom closet expansion

Day Six - Clothing Shopping

Now that there are empty hangers and shelves in both closets this is going to happen...

But first, with coffee in hand, I want to admire the little project that could but only took 15 years. One would never know there was only one closet in our master bedroom.

Master bedroom closet expansion matching the existing closet

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Master Bedroom Closet Expansion Before & After

Considering we were on a roll, I gave Mr. Frugalista another scaled drawing of an idea I had for this room. He liked my idea and you can find it here on our Custom Built-In Window Seat and Bookcase post.

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