Pretty Rose Modge Podge Thumbtacks

A fun way to make your own unique thumbtacks!


Materials Needed:
Modge Podge Melts
Craft Hot Glue Gun
Flat Round Head Thumbtacks
Candy Mould
Cooking Spray
Craft Paints
I picked up these inexpensive candy moulds at Michael's. There are numerous designs to choose from but I fell in love with these pretty rose ones. Now I'm not going to lie, I could have shown you a picture of the brand new mould right out of the package but as you can see there are staples holding this one together. Why you ask? Well my first attempt at making these didn't go so well. There used to be 10 roses but Ahem, they stuck to the mould and I couldn't pry two of those pretties out come hell or high water!
TIP:  Apply a light coat of cooking spray inside each mould.

Heat up a craft glue gun and remove any residual glue from the gun before starting. Insert a stick of Modge Podge Melts and fill each mould. I found lightly shaking the mould as I went helped keep the liquid nice and level. Before they cool insert the blunt end of a thumbtack into the center of each mould.
TIP: Make sure the point of the tack is sticking out far enough that it will pierce into a corkboard.
Let them cool completely and pop them out of the mould.

How cute are these!  Wipe any cooking spray off with a paper towel.  I think they are gorgeous left white but I couldn't resist adding some colour.

I simply painted each one with craft paint in a Pearl finish. I did some red and added some white to the red paint to make some pink. I thought I'd be creative and paint some silver and green. Ummm, not loving them but what the heck!

I think they are mahvelous dahling!

I love this cheeky card that Hubby came across in his travels and thought I'd appreciate it's humour. It says, "Pull up your big girl panties and just deal with it".

So there you have it, unique and personal thumbtacks for your corkboard!

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