Upcycled Wine Bottle Holders In Two Styles For Summer

UPCYCLED WINE BOTTLE HOLDERS IN TWO DIFFERENT STYLES FOR SUMMER. Sharing one last (well actually two) late summer thrift store upcycles while I still have my heels firmly planted in the beach sand because summer ain't over until the first leaf falls!

While slowly working my way through the boxes of thrift finds in the basement I came across two wine totes. They are different styles but both have lids with handles and carry two bottles of wine. I knew with just a little paint they could be redeemed as unique gifts for wine lovers. I'll show you how easy it is to give them makeovers and the hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry.

Coastal Wine Bottle Tote

Wine Bottle Holder Makeovers In Two Styles

The tweed-look wine bottle holder got a coastal makeover perfect for summer picnics on the beach. The metal wine bottle holder makes the perfect hostess gift for a summer soiree. But it could also be used for home decor and I share some ideas further down in the post.

Upcycled Tweed Wine Bottle Tote

Let's start with the coastal makeover. The tweed wine holder with faux leather trim had seen it's better days and this is what it looked like before the makeover.

Thrift Store Wine Bottle Holder Before

And here it is now with a fresh coat of teal and white paint and a new conch shell knob for the handle.

Wine Tote Makeover

Here's a look at the inside of the wine tote before the makeover.

Two Bottle Wine Tote Before

And here it is now with a fresh coat of teal paint.

Two Bottle Wine Tote Makeover

Much better, right!

Wine Bottle Holder After Makeover

Coastal Wine Tote Makeover

Upcycled Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Next up is the sad metal wine bottle holder that was begging for some love. The vine stems on the mesh look a little dated.

Metal Wine Bottle Holder Before

And here it is now after a fresh coat of white spray paint. White just makes everything look better, wouldn't you agree?

Upcycled Wine Bottle Holder

I also lined both the bottom and the top of the lid with pretty scented lavender paper. I wish I had smell-o-vision so you could enjoy the lovely scent too.

Two Bottle Wine Holder

While it looks pretty for it's intended purpose like I mentioned earlier, it could also be used as home decor.

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Metal Wine Bottle Holder After Makeover

Suggestions For Other Uses For The Metal Wine Tote

Here are some suggestions for other uses for the wine carrier.
  • Set two moving wick flameless candles with timers inside at varying heights for a summer lantern. If you get waterproof candles, it could be used outdoors as well.
  • Displayed with the lid open, set clear vases inside, and fill them with fresh cut flowers from the garden (or store-bought during the winter months).
  • It could be used year-round for seasonal decor. Filled with seashells during the summer, colorful eggs for Easter, assorted grapevine or moss balls for Spring, acorns and mini pumpkins for Fall, or shiny Christmas ornaments for the holidays. Tie a seasonal bow onto the handle and it would look so pretty on a bookcase, mantel, or coffee table.

Metal Wine Bottle Holder Makeover

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of each makeover and how easy they were to breathe new life into.

Tweed Wine Tote Makeover

This wine bottle holder took a little more time because I replaced the handle, embellished it with a fleur-de-lis onlay, and made a cute wooden tag to hang from the handle. But none-the-less it was quite easy and the only time-consuming part was waiting for paint and glue to dry.

Upcycled Picnic Wine Tote

This makeover was all about using what I had on hand because I'm still not comfortable shopping unless I absolutely have to.
  • The interior, faux-leather trim on the exterior, and metal clasp were spray-painted with Rustoleum Chalked paint in a pretty teal Tidal Pond color. 
  • The tweed style exterior was brushed with Behr Chalk Decorative Paint in Tin White. 
  • The paint on both inside and out was sealed with Rustoleum Clear Matte Spray Paint.
  • I had the silver fleur-de-lis metal onlay in my craft stash and attached it to the front of the case with E6000 glue.

How To Make A Cute Wooden Wine Tote Tag

The cute wooden beach tag was so easy to make with thin scrap wood.
  • With a pencil and carpenter's square, I drew a 3-inch square on the scrap wood.
  • I set the square along my pencil lines and clamped it onto my work table with these small quick-grip clamps.
  • Then I scored and cut the square with a sharp retractable knife. 
  • The edges were sanded smooth with a sheet of 180-grit sandpaper.
  • Next, the wooden tag was spray painted, front and back, with the same teal Tidal Pond chalk paint.
  • While the paint was drying I went into Cricut Design Space, opened a new project, pressed the  Images tab on the left, and searched "beach". 
  • I found the cute "take me to the beach" graphic for subscribers and resized it to 2.8-inches square.
  • I cut the graphic with white glossy permanent vinyl, weeded the parts I didn't need, set a clear sheet of transfer tape over the graphic, removed the vinyl backing paper, and centered it onto the painted tag. 
  • Then with a plastic scraper tool, I rubbed it onto the wooden tag. If you don't have a Cricut Maker or Silhouette Machine you could add a similar graphic with this image transfer technique.
  • With an Awl and a hammer, I punched two holes on the top of the tag and threaded white twine through the holes for the hanger.

Metal Wine Bottle Holder Makeover

The metal wine holder makeover was so quick and easy and I had it finished in just a few hours.

Upcycled Wine Bottle Carrier

  • After a good clean I sprayed it with a coat of Primer White spray paint. 
  • Not liking the flat finish I sprayed it with two coats of Rustoleum gloss white spray paint. Can't get any easier than that!
  • To dress up the inside I lined the bottom and top of the lid with lavender scented drawer liner paper.
  • I traced the outline on the back of the paper with a pencil and cut them out with a paper cutter.
  • The paper is held in place with double-sided tape. 
  • Normally I decoupage paper liner onto my upcycled boxes but if this were to be used for seasonal decor, the option to switch it out with seasonal paper is available this way.

I hope this has inspired you to pick up some wine bottle holders during your thrift store jaunts to turn into budget-friendly hostess gifts.

If you have any questions about either of these wine bottle holder makeovers, please leave them in the comment section below or the Contact Me tab at the top. I love hearing from you!

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Coastal Upcycled Wine Tote Before and After

Upcycled Metal Wine Bottle Holder Before and After

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Debra, I'm glad you like them. Now I just need to fill each with a bottle of white and red for gift giving.

  2. Whoa, what an overhaul on the tweed wine holder! It looks amazing in the coastal style.

    1. Thanks so much, Allyson. The white and teal really helped bring that old thing alive.

  3. They are both very pretty, Marie. I especially like (covet) the white one.


    1. Thank you Sheila, I'm glad you like them. The white one is very pretty and would work for so many things. I think with a festive holiday bow attached to the handle, it would make a lovely holiday hostess gift.

  4. I love both projects and the colors. Great job.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Rebecca, they were a fun project and now I can't wait to give them as hostess gifts.

  5. Both of these wine holders are great. I love how sturdy the first one is, it makes me wonder how old it is, it looks like maybe the 40s?? Of course of my favorite is the white lacy one. My taste never changes. Both are great gift ideas.

    1. I thought the first one was vintage as well, maybe from the 30s or 40s era but when I flipped it over it had a Homesense price tag. LOL The white wine tote seems to be favored more than the beach one on Pinterest too.

  6. Both of these totes are fabulous ! What an amazing transformation ! I like how you've outlined the blue border against the white. Stunning and striking contrast. The second one is so elegant.

    1. Thank you, Naush, I'm glad you like them. Yes both have very different looks and my favorite is the beach one because I love bright colors.

  7. Thank you for sharing your totes at Meraki Link Party, Marie.
    Hope you join us next week too.

  8. Girl, you amaze me sometimes. You pick up and choose things that I would throw in the trash! Love what you did to this. SOOOOOOO much cuter! Thanks for linking up at Farmhouse Friday too!

    1. Aw thanks Cindy, you made my day! If I can save something from ending up in the landfill, I'm on it. It's got to be pretty darn beat up but even then I may take it apart and use the pieces. I'm strange like that. LOL


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