12 Favorite Furniture Fixer Uppers of 2019

Are you like me and love browsing before and after photos? No matter how long I've been upcycling furniture, it never ceases to amaze me how paint can completely transform dated furniture. Normally I would be sharing a brand new furniture makeover with you today. For our last Furniture Fixer Upper challenge of the year, I thought we'd have some before and after eye candy fun instead.

You may want to grab a favorite beverage first because this post is filled with before and after photos of 12 of my favorite Furniture Fixer Uppers Makeovers of 2019, two from each member of the team.  

Favorite Furniture Fixer Uppers of 2019

12 Favorite Furniture Fixer Uppers of 2019

There were so many stunning makeovers to choose from and it was VERY difficult narrowing them down to just two favorites each. I hope you enjoy this curated collection of before and after upcycled furniture transformations. Even more so, I hope you walk away feeling inspired and motivated to pick up a paintbrush in 2020 to breath new life into an old piece of furniture.

We'll be back to our regular monthly makeovers in January. But just in case you are not familiar with the Furniture Fixer Upper group, six talented furniture upcycling friends come together on the fourth Thursday every month to makeover a piece of furniture. Last month, I gave a French Provincial piece a bold and glam Blushing Bombshell Sofa Table makeover.

You'll find links to our year-end wrap up from all six members at the bottom of the post.

So sit back, get comfy cozy and enjoy the makeovers and we'll see you back here in 2020.

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!

I'll begin with two favorite makeovers of mine shared in the group this year. One because I stepped outside of the color box and the other because of its sentimental value.

Marie - Interior Frugalista

Makeover 1 - MCM Sideboard | Media Cabinet Makeover

My daughter wanted a media cabinet for her new home. During a trip to Goodwill, we found a mid-century modern dining sideboard that was the perfect size but it needed some modifications to be repurposed into a media cabinet. She chose the color. I love bright bold colors but even I stepped outside of my comfort zone with this one. We couldn't be more happy with the results!

Mid-Century Modern Sideboard - BEFORE

With the top drawer removed, the opening can house media components. The bold mustard yellow suits this MCM piece beautifully and it looks amazing in her living room! 

Mid-Century Modern Sideboard Repurposed Media Cabinet - AFTER

Makeover 2 - 50s Dresser to Faux Apothecary Cabinet

This originally was my parent's first dresser when they married in the late 1950s. When passed down to us in the 90s, we gave it a pickled stain makeover for our daughter's childhood bedroom. When she left the nest it became a credenza with upright file drawer for my home office. Then recently it had one final transformation that completely altered the look and purpose.

1950s Dresser BEFORE

Here it is completely transformed into what looks like an Apothecary Cabinet with fifteen drawers. Guess what? there are only two! The surprise is waiting inside. My son and daughter-in-law are going to use this cabinet as a bar in their new basement media room and it's going to look amazing!

Faux Apothecary Cabinet AFTER

Jen - Girl In The Garage

Makeover 1 - Upholstered Bench

Jen's upholstered bench is screaming 90s. I think I had that same fabric on my window toppers back in the day. Remember how they used to wrap the legs with fabric like that? You will not recognize this bench after Jen added her magic touch!

Tufted Upholstered Bench BEFORE

Isn't it gorgeous? You'd never guess it's the same bench! Love the new Parisian tufted seat and what a difference with the brand new wood legs. 

Tufted Upholstered Bench AFTER

Makeover 2 - Three Drawer Nightstand

This little wooden nightstand with three handy drawers has great bones. But the creativity Jen threw into this makeover is nothing short of ADORABLE! 

Night Stand BEFORE

Come on, what's not to love about this! My grandson would be tickled pink to have a fire truck dresser in his room. 

DIY Fire Truck Dresser AFTER

Kathy - Petticoat Junktion

Makeover 1 - Vintage Cedar Chest

This old cedar chest had seen it's better days. I consider Kathy the Queen of Distressing and those wood carvings lost on this chest come alive after Kathy works her magic.

Vintage Cedar Chest BEFORE

Kathy loves bright colors like I do and I always look forward to seeing what color she'll use each month. Well, she did not disappoint, look at that gorgeous turquoise! See what I mean about the wood carvings popping now?

Vintage Cedar Chest AFTER

Makeover 2 - Twin Wood Spindle Bed

Look at the lovely turned spindle detail on this twin bed set. Hidden on the headboard behind is a carved ship. Again, Kathy worked her distressing magic and I think you're going to love the makeover.

Wood Spindle Twin Bed BEFORE

First, look at that gorgeous navy blue! A perfect color for the nautical detail and how great is this bed for a boy's room. The distressing is perfection. 

Wood Spindle Bed AFTER

Christy - Confessions Of A Serial DIYer

Makeover 1 - Estate Sale Desk

I consider Christy the Queen of Gorgeous White Makeovers. She always adds an amazing twist that makes each one uniquely beautiful and I look forward to seeing her makeovers each month. Would you believe she only paid $19 for this desk? I was blown away by this stunning makeover!

$19 Estate Sale Desk BEFORE

Isn't the transformation absolutely beautiful? I'm swooning again just looking at it. The blue and white combination is absolutely stunning. Oh, and what a clever idea she had to raise the height!

Estate Sale Desk AFTER

Makeover 2 - Stinky Drexel Dresser 

Apparently, this old Drexel dresser stunk to high heaven of cigarette smoke, yuck. You'll chuckle when you see what she used to remove the odor...successfully!

Stinky Drexel Dresser BEFORE

Told you she's the Queen of White makeovers! Look at the stunning drawer detail and would you believe it's curtain panels? 

Drexel Dresser AFTER

Kandice - Just The Woods

Makeover 1 - Round Drum Table

A great little drum table that had seen it's better days. Look at all those scratches on the top. Just wait until you see Kandice's stunning makeover!

Round Table BEFORE

The table looks so classy painted black and that lovely floral detail on the top is absolutely beautiful. I love that Kandice donates most of her pieces to charitable organizations for fundraisers and I would imagine they got top dollar for this lovely. 

Round Metallic Table AFTER

Makeover 2 - Wooden Executive Desk

I love the style of this desk and could use something like it in my home office. You can see there's some damage on one of the drawers on the right so it's a perfect candidate for an update...and what an update it got!

Wooden Desk BEFORE

Isn't this shimmery metallic makeover amazing? You'd never know it was the same desk! Swooning over those lovely stripes and the two-tone antique copper and copper penny metallic paint. Kandice knocked this makeover right out of the park!

Wooden Metallic Desk AFTER

Denise - Salvaged Inspirations

Makeover 1 - Vintage Tallboy Dresser

Denise is our newest member of the team and we're thrilled to have her. This gal's makeovers read like art! I consider her the Queen of Layering both paint and wax and you'll see what I mean with this amazing makeover.

Vintage Tallboy Dresser BEFORE

See what I mean by the lovely shading? Love the color and the gorgeous French transfer! I also consider Denise the Queen of Photo Staging. I love the vignettes she creates with each piece as much as the furniture makeovers! 

Vintage Tallboy Fuchsia Sunset Dresser AFTER

Makeover 2 - Curbside IKEA Dresser

Several of Denise's furniture pieces are found on the curb like this IKEA Narvik dresser. You will never believe this is an IKEA dresser after she worked her magic.

IKEA Narvik Dresser BEFORE

Talk about a drab to fab makeover, right? Can you even believe it's the same dresser! See what I mean about the photo staging too?

IKEA Narvik Dresser AFTER

Wasn't that fun?

Are you feeling inspired?

Did any of these pieces resonate so much that it motivated you to try something similar?

Do you have an old piece of furniture in mind to makeover?

I am so honored to be part of this group of amazingly talented furniture re-imaginers. They inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone and expand my skill set.

I'd love to hear your feedback about these amazing makeovers in the comment section below. I love hearing from you!

12 Favorite Furniture Fixer Uppers of 2019

Now let's go have some more fun and see what my talented friends are sharing on their blogs for the last Furniture Fixer Uppers day of 2019.

Furniture Fixer Uppers Before

I share my projects at these inspiring link parties.



  1. Wow! Such awesome DIY talent here. Beautiful job, ladies!

  2. Such talent, I love all your picks! And your sunshine makeover puts a smile on my face. It’s so bright and cheery. Gorgeous work my friend and Happy Holidays! 💕

    1. Ditto back to you Denise! So much talent in this group and so hard to pick just two from each of you. Have a wonderful holiday season! 🎄

  3. What a wonderful reminder of all we've accomplished this year. These are some fantastic makeovers! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Marie! xo

    1. It sure was fun taking a trip down 2019 memory lane. Talk about a talented team of furniture reimaginers! Wishing you a beautiful Christmas, Jen! xo

  4. Every single piece is fabulous!!! I think my favorite is the Wooden Metallic Desk. You've got me looking at furniture a whole new way!

    1. You made my day Shevonne, so happy to hear we've got you looking at furniture through a different lense! Kandice did a beautiful job on the metallic desk. We'll be back with new furniture makeovers on January 23rd 😄

  5. I just love seeing how people get to transform furniture and I am always impressed with the creativity and imagination out there! Thank you for sharing this! I quite enjoyed it!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this collection of furniture makeovers, Maya!

  6. Wow! Some great inspiration in here. I drool over projects like these all the time imagining myself at a flea market finding similar things to upcycle. Pinned. I am hoping to work on turning my house more into a home this year.


    1. I love your goal for this year, Alexandra! Once you start upcycling your first piece of furniture you won't want to stop. It's so much fun. So glad you found inspiration in our furniture makeovers here. Happy painting and decorating!


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