French Terracotta Coasters With Prima Decor Transfers

What are your favorite summer pastimes? One of mine is starting the day with a hot cup of coffee and ending it with a glass of Chardonnay on the deck. Last year we gave our deck a complete makeover, including staining our favorite Adirondack chairs. But I noticed it didn't take long for unwanted coffee rings and water stains to appear on the arms. To remedy that from happening this year, I repurposed inexpensive clay saucers into pretty French terracotta coasters using Redesign With Prima decor transfers.

French Terracotta Coasters With Prima Decor Transfers

The clay saucers couldn't be more perfect to use for outdoor coasters and the vintage French floral transfers add such Dans le Jardin charm. They would be lovely in a sunroom too. The nice thing about these French Country coasters is that you can easily make them in an afternoon.

French Terracotta Outdoor Deck Coasters

I made a set of six for our backyard deck but I might buy more saucers to hang for wall decor too. Wouldn't they make lovely bridal shower gifts or hostess gifts for a summer soiree? I can't wait to put ours to good use this coming Victoria Day long weekend.

French Terracotta Outdoor Coasters

What you'll need to make this...

These are the materials I used to make the terracotta coasters. The 4-inch clay saucers are the perfect size to repurpose into outdoor coasters.

French Terracotta Coasters Supplies

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Here's how I did it...

Prep the terracotta saucers for paint

The inside of the 4-inch terracotta saucers is glazed and in order for the paint to grip all you have to do is rough up the surface with 150 grit sandpaper.

French Terracotta Coasters Sanded Saucers

Paint the terracotta saucers

The first layer of color is called Upper Canada, a pretty green chalk paint color. I applied two coats but if you'd like the clay color to show through, just brush one coat of paint.

French Terracotta Coasters Painted Green

Once the green paint was dry, I simply dry brushed some white Raw Silk chalk paint in random strokes over the green to give them that French Country look. A little goes a long way and dip just the tips of the brush into the paint and dab the excess onto a paper towel. You want very little paint left on the brush.

French Terracotta Coasters Dry Brushed White

Add French Country charm with Prima decor transfers

I absolutely love Redesign With Prima furniture and decor transfers. They are so easy to apply and add so much character and charm to painted pieces. I tried them for the first time on this Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table makeover and I'm hooked. The matte finish gives them that handpainted look.

For my coasters, I used the French Pots Decor Transfers (pictured below) and they come with a sheet of nine stunning vintage French graphics and a rub-on stick. I'm using six of the graphics for my coasters.

French Terracotta Coasters Prima Decor Transfers

Cut around each graphic with scissors - make sure to keep the paper backing behind each transfer. Eyeball the graphic to the center of each saucer. Remove the paper backing and rub the image with the rub-on stick provided.

Carefully lift the plastic as you work to check if any areas haven't transferred. If not, set it down and rub some more over those areas. I like to gently rub my finger over the graphic afterward to make sure there aren't any loose bits.

French Terracotta Coasters Applying Prima Decor Transfers

Because I'll be using these as coasters, I protected them with three thin coats of my favorite Gator Hide matte water repellent clear coat.

French Terracotta Coasters Clear Coat Protection

French Terracotta Patio Coasters

Once the clear coat is completely dry I added small felt pads to the bottom of each coaster to protect the patio furniture from scratches.

That's it, super easy, right? But they look like a lot of time and effort went into making them.

French Country Terracotta Coasters

For more Summer decorating ideas, visit my DIY Summer ideas page. If you have any questions about this project, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

French Terracotta Coasters With Vintage Charm

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  1. What can I say Marie, they are gorgeous. I have to see if I can find some of those transfers. They are really beautiful. Love the way they looks so naturally distressed

    1. You will love the Redesigns From Prima transfers, Michelle! I have so many projects planned for using them. They add instant charm!

  2. Oh, wow! I really love these! They would make a great DIY gift. I hadn't seen transfers like these before and have only used stencils in the past. They are now on my radar! Pinning this!

    1. You definitely must try them Crissy - promise you'll be hooked! I do a lot of image transfers on my pieces where I handpaint the details but after trying the Prima Transfers and how they instantly add such character and charm, they have completely changed my graphics game. More projects using them coming soon!

  3. Beautiful Marie! And these could be used for many candles. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea. And P.S. Love that Upper Canada color. XO

  4. Thanks Susie! I know right, the Upper Canada is gorgeous and more projects to come with that color. Putting these coasters to good use this May long weekend 😊

  5. Gosh, Marie---after 4 years of staring at chalk paint/other paint projects and all the steps to be easy and then the wax,sealer/yadayada/and the dollars for all said---I seriously wonder why three fine coats of a spray paint(under $5.00) isn't easier/and more durable. Love the transfer idea...and I would simply spray seal that also.

    1. Gosh, Sandi - for so many reasons! (1)You cannot get that beautiful porous ultra matte finish with spray paint. (2)It can be blended and layered beautifully. (3)It is quick drying and VERY durable. (4)More importantly, because it has no VOC's (volatile organic compounds), you can paint indoors, unlike spray paint. Especially important for those of us living in climates where painting outdoors isn't an option nine months of the year. (5)It bonds to most surfaces (unlike spray paint). (6)It doesn't require sanding or priming on most surfaces. I love spray paint and use it on metal and plastic surfaces. If you want a good comparision between chalk paint and spray paint visit this post (

  6. These are so clever, Marie! They definitely would make great gifts. You are just full of unique creative ideas! I love reading about them all.

    1. Thank you very much, Naomi 😊 I'm glad you like them. Hoping to put them to good use this weekend.

  7. This is such an amazing idea and brilliant to topcoat them with gator hide incase of spills! Love your staging/styling too Marie! It's making me thirsty for some lemonade! ;) Hope you're long weekend is going great despite the rain. XO


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