The Dirt On The Easy Spring Garden Lovers Wreath

Are you one of those people itching to head outdoors this time of year to play in some dirt? If so, are you a veggie gardener or are flower gardens more your thing? I haven't mastered either but that doesn't stop me from trying. Whatever your preference, this easy Spring Garden Lovers Wreath has the gardener in mind.

What makes this gardeners wreath unique is that it has that I've been digging in the dirt look. No squeaky clean garden tools were used in the making of this wreath.

Spring Garden Lovers Wreath

Easy Spring Garden Lovers Wreath

Oh, and did I mention that almost everything you need to make this budget-friendly wreath can be found at the dollar store. You can dirty it up or keep it clean - the choice is all yours.

Garden Lovers Wreath For Spring

As you can see I made the wreath with the veggie gardener in mind but you could easily add vintage floral ephemera instead. 

Garden Lovers Spring Wreath With Vintage Seed Packets

At a cost of around $13 for supplies, I'd say the dollar store finds for making this Spring wreath is a budget-friendly alternative to a readymade wreath.

Garden Lovers Wreath

Here's how I did it...

These are some of the supplies I used to make the wreath. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend to make this project. See my full disclosure policy.

DIY Spring Garden Lovers Wreath Supplies

The grass is always greener wreath form

First I stained the back of the 12-inch MDF wreath form with Bayou Moss gel stain to give it a finished look. This step is completely optional.

Garden Lovers Wreath Form Stained Moss Green

I used self-adhesive faux grass tiles on the front of the wreath form. Set the wreath form on the backing paper side of the faux grass and trace with a pencil. You'll notice in the photo below that I cut the grass in sections. That's only because I had a partial grass tile leftover from another project and used what was left.

TIP: Cut the faux grass on the generous side of the pencil marks.

Peel the backing paper as you work and add a dab of hot glue every so often for extra adhesion.

Garden Lovers Wreath Form With Faux Grass

To conceal any bald spots in the grass and cover the inner and outer edges of the wreath form I used Kelly Green craft paint. You could paint the back of the wreath form this color too instead of stain like I did.

Garden Lovers Wreath Touch Up Paint

Add some age to those brand new garden tools

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, I want an imperfect wreath that looks like it was embellished with used garden tools. That meant aging and dirtying up the brand new house plant garden tools.

Starting with the wooden handles, I removed the glossy finish with 150 grit sandpaper and aged them by rubbing dark wax into the wood. You can see the difference between the sanded handle on the trowel and the dark waxed one on the fork in the photo below.

Garden Lovers Wreath Aged Garden Tool Handles

The black shiny finish on the metal parts of the garden tools was too new and pristine looking. I dulled the finish by painting them with blackened bronze metallic paint. Once that was dry, I randomly dabbed in a pouncing motion silver metallic paint with an art brush.

To give the tools a galvanized metal appearance I mixed a drop each of the bronze and silver metallic paint on a paper plate and dabbed it randomly as well. But I didn't stop there - those tools needed some dirt!

Garden Lovers Wreath With Faux Aged Garden Tools

Get some dirt on those garden tools

Have you ever made fake dirt? Brush white school glue along the bottom of the garden tools and sprinkle the grounds from your morning coffee over the glue. Ta-da, instant fake dirt (pictured above).

While the dirt was drying I made a bow for the wreath with a spool of 1 1/2 inch floral ribbon from the dollar store. I can't make a decent freehand bow if my life depended on it so I cheat by using this bow maker tool.

The well-used garden gloves

The brand new garden gloves just wouldn't do so I slipped them on my hands and played in some dirt so they looked like they've planted a few veggies.

Vintage vegetable seed packets

A garden lovers wreath wouldn't be complete without some seed packets. I found these vintage vegetable seed packets printable on Etsy.

Gardeners Wreath With Vintage Seed Packets

But first before printing them I aged a sheet of watercolor paper (bond or card stock is fine too) by brushing layers of cooled but well-steeped black tea.
To make this wreath you need to enjoy a morning coffee and afternoon tea!
Once the tea stained paper is completely dry, print the seed packets and cut three out for the wreath.

Spring daffodils and purple pansies  

Cut the stems off each of the dollar store floral picks. Divide the daffodils and pansies equally into two small bunches and wrap with florist wire.

Spring Garden Wreath Faux Daffodils And Pansies

Layer the wreath embellishments

Layer One - Garden Gloves: Starting with the dirty garden gloves attach them onto the wreath with jute twine with the fingers fanned and pointing up (pictured below).

Spring Wreath Dirty Garden Gloves Embellishment

Layer Two - Garden Tools: attach the aged garden trowel and rake on top of the gloves and secure with jute twine. Don't worry about cutting the tails of the twine as we'll have them trail down the wreath.

Layer Three - Faux Florals: attach one bundle of faux daffodils and pansies with florist wire tucking the stems just under the cuff of the garden gloves. Attach the second bundle with the stems tucked just under the fingers of the garden gloves.

Layer Four - Large Bow: attach the floral bow over the cuff of the garden gloves so it hides where the flower stems and gloves were tied onto the wreath.

Layer Five - Vintage Seed Packets: attach the three vintage seed packets with dabs of hot glue on the opposite side tucking them just under the top of the flowers.

Spring Garden Lovers Wreath Embellishments

To hang the wreath make a hanger by forming a small piece of jute twine into a loop and hot glue onto the back of the wreath.

What you'll need to make this...

Dollar store supplies:
12-inch MDF Floral Craft Ring Wreath Form
House Plant Garden Tools
1 1/2 Inch Floral Ribbon
Natural Jute Twine
Green Florist Wire
Faux Yellow Daffodils and Purple Pansies
Self-Adhesive Grass Tile
Garden Gloves
White School Glue
Kelly Green Craft Paint
Silver Metallic Paint

Other supplies: (some you may find at the dollar store)
Vintage Seed Packets (alternatives)
Bow Maker Tool (optional)
Coffee Grounds
Black Steeped Tea
Dark Wax
Craft Hot Glue Gun
Silver Metallic Paint
Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacer
Bayou Moss Gel Stain (optional)

Easy And Budget-Friendly Spring Garden Lovers Wreath

So which would be your preference; the keeping it clean OR I've been digging in the dirt version?

If you have any questions about this wreath, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

I enjoy making wreaths for each new season rather than readymade options because the possibilities for creative embellishments are endless. Aside from the front door, I love hanging them on mirrors and interior doors. I made this DIY Birdhouse Wreath and have it hung on the mirror in our front entry for both Spring and Summer.

For more DIY wreath ideas visit my Wreaths For Every Season board on Pinterest. For DIY Spring decor ideas visit my Spring|Easter page.

Garden Lovers Wreath For Spring

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  1. Oh how cute! You create such original and adorable wreaths. Love it so much. It was 80 degrees F in Atlanta yesterday. Hope you are getting some of this delicious heat and sunshine. XOXO

    1. Girl, you can send that 80 degrees over here anytime! We won't be seeing temperatures like that until July.

  2. What a clever idea for a wreath, Marie! Love the use of faux grass! Looks adorable and perfect for this time of year!

    1. Thank you so much Gail 😊 I used purple, your favorite color!

  3. This is a fun project Marie. When I had my shop---I made so many Spring wreaths with tools, flower, pots, seed packets---and they always sold. Very cute, I'm sure your readers will love it!

    1. How fun Sandi! Means a lot that a professional wreath maker thinks my version of a garden wreath is cute. 😅

  4. This is stink'n cute Marie! And gotta love those Dollar Stores right? I'm always amazed what can be created for a couple of loonies! ;)

    1. Glad you like it, Denise! I love me my Dollarama store and we have three in our itty bitty hamlet plus a Dollar Tree.

  5. I'm all for that dirty, grungy look you have going there Marie ;-) and I love how your wreath turned out too. There are so many small details that add up to make it interesting. Hopefully you'll soon be digging for real and getting your hands dirty planting up a storm.

    1. Glad you appreciate the grunge, Michelle! The snow has finally melted here and now the wait for the last threat of frost before it's safe for planting. The trees are just starting to bud and the real daffodils, crocus, and pansies should be poking out of the ground within a few weeks.

  6. Marie this is such a great idea for a wreath. Not only does the recipient get a pretty spring wreath but the also get seeds! Who could ask for anything more.

    1. Woot woot, my vintage seed packets printed on tea stained paper must look like the real thing! Sorry, no seeds in those babies. You'll be shocked to know that I'm actually keeping this wreath, considering my black thumb. I'm hoping it will serve as motivation to strive towards at least a light green thumb! LOL

    2. Wow you really did fool me! Good luck with that green thumb and I hope some of it rubs off on me!

  7. I love the idea of using the green grass. So cute and perfect for Spring.

  8. Thank you so much, Pam, I'm glad you like my faux grass idea for covering the wreath form!

  9. So pretty, Marie! Thanks for sharing on Homestyle Gathering! Pinned!

    1. Thank you so much Julie and for the pin! Happy Easter 🌷

  10. Thank you for sharing at #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Pinned and shared.


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