Farmhouse Side Table Makeover

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite and most viewed furniture makeovers. I think what makes this Farmhouse Side Table so popular is because of the hidden gem that awaits underneath layers of ugly reddish-brown paint. The transformation is night and day and my intention was to sell it at a local market.

I invited a dear friend over to get messy with some chalk paint in the workshop. While she was busy giving her wooden candlesticks a wash of white paint her eye caught a glimpse of this table from the next room. So much for taking it to the market because she bought it on the spot.

White chalk painted farmhouse side table makeover

Farmhouse Side Table Makeover

This is what the table looked like before...

Farmhouse Side Table Before Makeover

Before we get into the details of the makeover, today is the last furniture makeover from our Furniture Fixer Uppers group of 2017.  It's one of my favorite days each month where six talented and creative bloggers come together to breathe new life into six furniture pieces that had seen better days. You will find links to my friend's new or favorite furniture makeovers at the bottom of this post.

Last time I shared a Farmhouse Etagere Bookcase made from three identical tiered tables that showed up on my doorstep one-by-one from different sources throughout the span of a year.

Farmhouse Side Table Stained Top

I've included a Materials List towards the bottom of this post for your convenience.

This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend to complete this project. See my disclosure policy page. Materials list included at the bottom of this post.

Makeover details

I kept my finger's crossed that underneath all that brown paint there was a gorgeous wood slat top waiting to be loved. I didn't mind that the legs and skirt were painted brown because it would make a perfect base for distressing.

The first thing I did was an attempt to strip the paint off the top and it wasn't an easy task. It took two afternoons with paint stripper and a putty knife to remove the layers and layers of paint. An orbital sander took off the final bits to get it back to the original wood, which to my delight was happy dance-worthy.

Stripping paint on farmhouse side table

And once I applied a single coat of Dark Walnut stain, my hard work paid off - look at that lovely wood.

Farmhouse side table stained dark walnut

The base was painted with chalk paint in the color Vanilla Frosting by Country Chic Paint. It's a soft creamy white that paired so beautifully with the dark top.

I was singing when I noticed that the white paint brought out the wormholes in the wood.

Farmhouse side table chalk painted white

See some of the old brown paint peeking out from underneath?

Imperfections add character to farmhouse side table makeover

Rather than my usual clear wax method of protecting furniture, I applied Hemp Oil by Miss Mustard Seed over the chalk paint and the stained top.

Dark Walnut stain and White chalk paint Farmhouse Side Table makeover

This lovely Farmhouse Side Table went on a journey in the back of a moving van to its new home on Vancouver Island.  It's owners, our dear friends, will be sorely missed.

Farmhouse side table makeover close up

...and now I'm on the hunt for another table just like it.

White and Dark Walnut Stained Farmhouse Side Table

Materials List

If you found this Farmhouse Side Table makeover inspiring, please save it on Pinterest and/or share it with a friend. You never know what could be lying underneath all those layers of paint.

Farmhouse Side Table Makeover
I've done similar Farmhouse Side Table Makeovers but painted a mustard yellow. Both the Dark Walnut Table Makeover and Painted Oak Side Table Makeover were quick sellers but I have to admit, after doing this makeover, I prefer the white. For more Farmhouse Inspiration press HERE.
I'm so excited to see what my talented Furniture Fixer Upper friends did with these furniture pieces.

Furniture Fixer Uppers Before Photos December

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  1. Great makeover and of course I love the cream colour. Gorgeous table makeover.

    1. Thanks Leanna, it is one of my favorite furniture makeovers. Just the other day my friend (the owner of this table) and I were talking about it and how she'd love to find a match.

  2. Did u take paint off the whole table or just the top?

    1. Just the top because it was caked on the wood. On the base I just lighting scuffed the paint with 150-grit sandpaper just to give the white paint some bite.


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