Untraditional Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

Do you prefer a less traditional approach when decorating for Fall? Instead of a typical Fall wreath on the door, what about a pumpkin door hanger. While mine is certainly a bold and playful non-traditional option, yours could be made in any color, with traditional fall ribbon, and the options for embellishment are endless. The instructions for making the door hanger is the same no matter how you decorate it and I share how easy it is in a step-by-step tutorial below.

Autumn Pumpkin Door Hanger

Untraditional Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

The inspiration for my pumpkin door knocker came from the beaded trim that I had in my stash.  Everything else is either a dollar store or thrift store find, making my Fall door hanger a budget-friendly project.

With the black and green color combination and those Halloween-Esque hanging beads (you'll see what I mean further down in the post), the door hanger could stay up for be hallows eve.

Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

What I'd do differently

What can I say, sometimes you get lost in a project and you can't see the obvious until it's too late! A photo speaks a thousand words and this serves as a reminder that it's always helpful to take a picture of your project first before declaring it finished.

Admittedly, if I was to do this again, I would not have the black & white polka dot bow on the top. I'd still use the black & white ribbon to hang the pumpkins but I'd only have a single bow on top, preferably the lime green one. What do you think?

Untraditional Pumpkin Door Hanger

During a trip to Goodwill late in the Fall last year, I found these white half pumpkins for $3 each. Too late in the season to do anything with them, they were tossed in my craft bin and forgotten until recently.

Pumpkin Door Hanger Supplies

Also in the craft bin, I found remnants of beaded ribbon from a scarf my daughter made in high school sewing class eons ago. Looking closer at the beads they reminded me of glow in the dark crystal balls and the wheels started turning.

Pumpkin Door Hanger Beaded Ribbon

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Supply List

Half pumpkins
Black chalk paint
1 1/2-inch wired polka dot ribbon
1 1/2-inch black & white ribbon
Decorative bead ribbon (salvaged)
EZ Bow Maker
Florist wire
Hot glue gun
Velcro picture hangers

Instructions for making a Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

This pumpkin door hanger is so easy to make that you'll have it finished in less than 30 minutes. It would make a fun craft to do with kids.

Painting the half pumpkins for the door hanger

Both to make the lime green beaded ribbon pop AND for the potential to use this door hanger on Halloween, I painted the half pumpkins black. I painted them with chalk paint in the most fitting color called Raven. Any black craft paint will work or better yet, save yourself the time and buy half pumpkins that are already black.

Pumpkin Door Hanger Black Painted Pumpkins

Polka dot bows for pumpkin stems

The wired lime green polka dot ribbon was found at the dollar store and I made loopy style bows to attach to the stem of each pumpkin. It took one spool for both pumpkins but for fuller or larger bows, use one spool per pumpkin.

I am all thumbs when it comes to making bows so I cheat and use this handy EZ Bow Maker. I don't know what I'd do without this thing!

Pumpkin Door Hanger Bow Making

To attach the bows to the pumpkin stems, I used florist wire and added a dab of hot glue to make sure they were secure.

Pumpkin Door Hanger Polka Dot Bows

Embellishing the pumpkins with beaded ribbon 

The beaded ribbon that looks like mini glow in the dark crystal balls were strung diagonally across the front of the pumpkins and hot glued in place on the back. You could eliminate the ribbon and add typography to the front of the pumpkins instead (see below).

Alternative for embellishing the painted pumpkins

Did you know chalk paint can be used as chalkboard paint? Add words or cute sayings to the black painted pumpkins with a stick of chalk and change it out for Halloween.

Ribbon strand for hanging the pumpkins on the door hanger

Cut a 24-inch long strand of 1 1/2-inch wide grosgrain ribbon in either black & white polka dots like mine or black & white stripes. For a finished edge on the top, fold the ribbon over and secure with a dab of hot glue.

Center the pumpkins on the ribbon and secure them onto the ribbon with hot glue. You can either space the pumpkins evenly along the ribbon or do what I did and have a longer tail on the bottom. The bottom pumpkin on mine was glued approximately 7-inches from the bottom of the ribbon tails.

Pumpkin Door Hanger

Cut the tail on the ribbon with an inverted V cut. While you have the scissors in hand, cut the tails on the green polka dot ribbons as well.

How to make a V cut on ribbon ends 

Fold the ribbon in half vertically, good side to good side facing each other. Starting on the folded side, cut at an angle across the ribbon towards the outer edges.

Notice that I didn't mention how the top black & white polka dot bow was made? Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I would eliminate a second bow on the top.

Hanging the pumpkin door hanger

Attach a 3M Velcro Strip to the top backside of the black & white polka dot ribbon. Remove the sticky backing and attach the back of the hanger onto the door.

So the door hanger doesn't swing back and forth when the door is opened and closed, add another velcro strip on the bottom of the black & white ribbon.

Pumpkin Door Hanger Hooks

That's it, we're done! Here's another idea for untraditional Fall decor. These could be made to match each other as these DIY Pumpkin Topiaries flank the front door. The ribbon could be switched out to match the ribbon on the pumpkin door hanger and vice versa. For more Fall inspiration visit my Fall DIY Ideas page.

If you have any questions about this makeover, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

Pumpkin Door Hanger DIY

DIY Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

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