Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Antique Chair Spindle Stems

A couple of years ago my son showed up on my driveway with a dilapidated antique chair in the back of his hatch. He noticed it in a customer's vehicle and asked what she was doing with it. When he told her what his mother did for a living, she was happy for him to take it off her hands.  I'm sure never in a million years would she have guessed part of it would become modern fabric pumpkins with antique chair spindle stems.

Modern Fabric Pumpkins Chair Spindle Stems

Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Chair Spindle Stems

Modern Fabric Pumpkin Patch With Chair Spindle Stems

It has been the chair that keeps on giving. So far it's parts have been repurposed into an Antique Chair Back Bird Feeder, Antique Chair Spindle Garden Caddies, DIY Computer Monitor Stand, Chair Spindle Snowflake Decoration, DIY Rustic Wedding Card Box for our daughter's wedding, and now pumpkin stems!

I still have the broken cane seat, larger spindles, and other bits & pieces that I have plans for soon.

Back to the fabric pumpkins...

Modern Fabric Pumpkins

I've included a Materials List towards the bottom of this post. It contains affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend to make this project. See my full disclosure policy.

Let's get to the how-to...

Small Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Chair Spindle Stems

Bright and bold pumpkin fabric

If you've been following the blog over the last year you may remember this fabric from my Mid-Century Modern Armchair Makeover. I didn't have enough fabric leftover to sew cushions but salvaged scraps for these pumpkins. The bold colors are perfect for Fall and the vintage looking fabric give the pumpkins that modern look, which I love.

Modern Fabric Pumpkin Supplies

Materials List

Retro Print Fabric (alternative)
Chair Spindles (salvaged)
Florist Foam (salvaged)
Poly Fill Stuffing (had on hand)
1 1/2 -inch Wired Brown Ribbon
Large Acrylic Gem Beads
Skeleton Key Charms
Needle And Thread

Fabric pumpkin assembly

Instead of providing a detailed tutorial on how to cut, sew, and assemble the fabric pumpkins in this post, you can find both a step-by-step written and video tutorial here in my Fabric Pumpkins With Cabinet Knob Stems post. I have another step-by-step tutorial here in my How To Make Sweater Pumpkins post.

Once you get to the cabinet knob installation step, come back here to move to the chair spindle stem assembly. I'll wait 😏

Chair spindle stems

First, I refreshed the wooden chair spindles with antique brown dark wax. Instead of cutting the chair spindles and gluing them onto the pumpkins I came up with this idea...

Modern Fabric Pumpkins Chair Spindle Stems

Using florist foam I had leftover from the centrepieces from my daughter's wedding.

With a serrated knife, round the corners of the foam so there aren't sharp corners poking through the fabric.

First place a small bit of batting on the bottom of the pumpkins and insert the chair spindle blocks into the fabric pouch.

Next, fill the cavity around the blocks with more batting and sew them closed with a needle and thread.

Modern pumpkin embellishments

On the pumpkin with the largest stem, I decided to change it up with different ribbon I ran out of ribbon and went with what I had on hand. I suggest using a wire ribbon for a more open loop bow that sits on top of the pumpkin rather than laying flat.

Modern Fabric Pumpkin With Fall Ribbon

I had these plastic gemstone beads in my stash for years and can't remember what they came off of anymore. I had exactly five - it's like they were waiting for my five pumpkins! The colors matched perfectly with the fabric too.

Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Gemstone Beads

I purchased skeleton keys to hang from the stems with the beads and wouldn't you know, they came in a package of five.

Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Embellishments

Here's a close up look at the embellishments...

Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Bows and Gems

Recently I Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins to match the fabric of these modern pumpkins. My intention was to create a Fall pumpkin patch vignette with both sets. But I really like this modern pumpkin patch on their own. Mr. Frugalista says our house looks like it threw up pumpkins. Some people have a shoe fetish - I have a pumpkin fetish, what can I say.

So what do you think of my modern take on fabric pumpkins? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Chair Spindle Stems

Modern Fabric Pumpkins With Antique Chair Spindle Stems

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