DIY Checkered Fall Pillows With Stencils

Are you like me and like to decorate with seasonal pillows? Unfortunately, they can come with a high price tag, especially large ones. Then there's the challenge of finding space to store them all. At one time I had three large blue recycle bags filled with holiday and seasonal pillows that took up way too much space in our small storage room.

Then I found a genius budget-friendly space-saving solution and now have twice as many pillows that fit in ONE drawer. All it took was a trip to IKEA where I bought 20-inch Fjadrar inner cushions for $8 each. Now all I do is switch out the cushion covers every season. Which brings me to my DIY Checkered Pillows for Fall.

Stenciled Checkered Pillows For Fall

The orange IKEA Gurli cushion covers cost me $4.99 each and I made them my own with a couple of stencils from Stencil Revolution. They were so easy to make and I'm excited to show you how.

DIY Checkered Pillow Set For Fall

While I was at it I bought some white and red GURLI covers to make holiday pillows soon. The possibilities are endless for how to decorate them.

Stencilled DIY Checkered Fall PIllows

Fall Pillow Supplies

These are some of the supplies used to make the Fall Checkered Pillows. I've included a materials list further down in the post so you can see what products I used or recommend to make them.

DIY Checkered Fall PIllows Supplies

I also purchase fabric medium for the acrylic burnt umber craft paint. It helps to both soften the paint once it's dry and provides even application of paint when stencilling on textured fabric. You simply mix a 1:2 ratio of 1 part fabric medium to two parts acrylic craft paint.

DIY Checkered Fall Pillows Fabric Paint

You saw a foam roller in the supply photo but I ended up not using it. I found it challenging to stencil on the textured fabric because I either had to apply too much pressure on the roller or stencil with a wet brush - both of which caused paint bleed.

I switched to a stencil brush instead and while it took a lot more time, I had zero paint bleed.

DIY Checkered Fall Pillows Stencil Supplies

The how to

Spray the back of the stencil with stencil adhesive but be sure to wait about a minute for the adhesive to set before laying it on the fabric. I also wrapped the perimeter of the stencil with painter's tape to eliminate any accidents with my stencil brush going over the edge and onto the fabric.

If you're wondering why the baby wipes in the photo above...

Stencil Tip

Keep a container of baby wipes on hand to wipe any seeping paint on the back of the stencil before moving to the next pattern repeat.

Insert a piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to prevent the paint from seeping through to the back.

DIY Checkered Fall Pillows Prep

I swore I took several photos of the stencil process but must have accidentally deleted them with the reject photos for this post. You get a good idea of how the checkered stencilling turned out in the photo below.

The checkers are stencilled using both the dab (up and down motion) and swirl techniques, offloading the excess paint onto a paper towel first.

Once the checkered stencil was dry I centred the Hello Fall stencil on each pillow cover and stencilled it much the same way as the checks except using a multi-surface craft paint in the color vintage white. No need for fabric medium with this paint.

DIY Hello Fall Checkered Pillows

Disclosure: I've included affiliate links in the materials list so you can find what products I used or recommend to make the checkered Fall pillows. See my disclosure policy.

You'll be seeing the Hello Fall stencil used on another easy Fall craft project next week.

DIY Checkered Hello Fall Pillows

For the next few weeks, I'll be sharing several 30 Minute Fall Craft Ideas to help you get your Fall DIY On. I launched the Fall series earlier this week with these super easy Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins. In that post, you may have noticed these pillows in the background.

The wreath hanging on the metal art in some of the photos is another DIY project shared in my Fall Wreath With Mini Banner tutorial. For more Fall Wreath, DIY Pumpkin, and Fall Wall Art inspiration press HERE.

DIY Checkered Fall PIllows

Fall Checkered Pillows DIY

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