How To Make Easy DIY Solar Fence Lights

Do you have old candle sconces you're no longer using? Even if you don't, you can find them for cheap on thrift store shelves. Why not turn them into unique one-of-a-kind solar fence lights for your yard? They are so easy to convert using this simple step-by-step tutorial.

Solar Fence Lights Repurposed Candle Sconces

DIY Solar Fence Lights

When adding a privacy screen on our deck (more about that project soon) it was begging for solar lights to flank the DIY Wooden Birdhouse Sign I had hanging. That's when I remembered two metal candle scones I had previously spray painted a creamy white and unsuccessfully tried to sell at a couple of markets.

They would make perfect one-of-kind outdoor lights to add a romantic ambiance to our backyard deck. But using wax or battery-operated candles exposed to the elements would not be wise nor would the hassle of having to turn them on each night. So I came up with a way to convert the sconces into solar fence lights.

Convert candle sconces easily into one-of-a-kind solar fence lights

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DIY Solar Fence Lights

Before I get into the how-to, this is what they looked like before, after having been spray painted.

Solar Fence Lights Candle Sconces Before

Step 1 - Painting the candle sconces

We've incorporated a seafoam green to match the solid stain skirting on our beer budget deck restoration. I happened to have on hand a custom mix of chalk paint from a previous project that was an almost exact match to the seafoam green stain colour. I brushed three coats to completely cover the creamy white.

Solar Fence Lights From Chalk Painted Sconces

Step 2 - Painting tops of solar panel yard lights

I looked everywhere for solar yard lights with a large glass fixture but unfortunately, they only came in large multiples, and I only needed two. I found these plastic ones at the dollar store and while not as classy as glass, they work just fine.

I removed the stems from the lights and painted the solar tops the same seafoam green to match the painted metal sconces.

DIY Solar Fence Lights Using Yard Lights

To add dimension, I layered whitewash glaze with a chip brush onto both the solar caps and sconces, removing the excess with a lint-free rag.

Solar Fence Lights Whitewashed Glaze

Once the glaze was completely dry, they were protected with Gator Hide, a matte waterproof sealer (link in materials list).

Step 3 - Converting the sconces to solar

The solar light base was attached to the candleholder with E6000 glue. In order to keep the sconce upright during the curing process, I wrapped a soft cloth around the base and held it in place with a vice.

DIY Solar Fence Lights Glued

Twist on the painted solar cap and they're ready to head outdoors to catch some rays!

So there you have it, three quick and easy steps to convert candle scones into unique, one-of-a-kind DIY Solar Fence Lights

Easy DIY Solar Fence Lights

Here's a close up of one of the solar lights hanging on the privacy screen...

DIY Converted Candle Sconce Solar Fence Lights

To find the products I used or recommend for this makeover, I've included a materials list below. They are affiliate links which means that if you click on one of the products and make a purchase, I will receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you. See my full disclosure policy.

Supply List

Metal Candle Scones (thrift store)
Sage Green Chalk Paint (alternative)
Whitewash Glaze
Gator Hide Sealer
Yard Solar Lights (alternative)
E6000 Glue

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These easy DIY Solar Fence Lights would look wonderful hanging on fence posts flanking a gate or hanging on a fence flanking a garden bench. Ours look lovely flanking a cute sign on a privacy screen.

Easy DIY Solar Fence Lights

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