How To Create Festive Christmas Planters With Faux Greens

Do you love festive planters flanking a front door but keep dislike the idea of having to remember to keep them watered? Then you'll love this maintenance free idea for festive outdoor Christmas planters with faux greens that not only don't require watering but will look gorgeous from Thanksgiving to New Years!

Outdoor Christmas Planters With Artificial Greens

Festive Christmas Planters With Faux Greens

Perhaps you go away for the holidays or like me and live in a freeze/thaw environment that wreaks havoc on fresh greens.

I like having my festive holiday planters flanking my front door by mid-November, but oftentimes they are dry and turning brown by December 25th.

This year I decided to take a different direction and go the faux route instead. The initial investment is much more than fresh evergreens but they'll pay for themselves within two holiday seasons. But not having to worry about forgetting to water them makes them worth every penny.

In my post How To Fill Outdoor Planters For The Holidays, I share a tip on how to decorate large heavy outdoor planters from the comfort of inside your home.

Pictured below is everything I used to fill each Christmas Planter...

Materials For Outdoor Christmas Planters with faux greens

Towards the bottom of this post, I've included a detailed Materials List for your convenience.

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DIY Outdoor Christmas Planter Left With Faux Greens

DIY Outdoor Christmas Planter Right With Faux Greens

Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video to show you how all the elements of creating a Christmas Planter came together one by one.

Written Tutorial

Now let's get into the how-to for filling each planter in the order in which each element is added, starting with the prelit willow branches.

What elements to add first

My prelit willow branches came in a package of three short bundles but I wanted them to be the same height as the curly willow I'd be adding to the center of the pots. To get the height, wire the three bundles together vertically. My suggestion is to save yourself the headache and buy the tall outdoor pre-lit branches.

Add six tall painted curly willow branches around the stem of the prelit branch to help support the weight of the pre-lit branch. Intertwine the curly willow with the pre-lit, fluffing the pre-lit branches so they look full and illuminate the curly willow.

Starting with the longest 36-inch pine spray, add one on each side and one behind the branches, pointing upwards. They will also provide added support to the branches (as pictured below).

Outdoor Christmas Planter With Artificial Pine

Layering the faux greens

Next, add a bushy 34-inch pine split spray with pinecones on each side, also pointing upwards and bending slighting downwards (as pictured below).
Outdoor Christmas Planters With Mixed Artificial Pine

Place the 26-inch cedar & pine spray next on either side and on the front and back, pointing towards (as pictured below).

Outdoor Christmas Planters With Artificial Cedar & Pine

Fill in the gaps on the front with three 12-inch mixed green picks (as pictured below).

Outdoor Christmas Planters with artificial mixed greens

Now for the pretty embellishments

On the left side insert a cluster of three tall red wooden decorative picks (as pictured below). I've had these picks for years and used to stick them in the Christmas Tree. Last year I spray painted them red and wired three together at different heights. I call them my Madonna picks, get it?

Outdoor Christmas Planter embellished with wood picks

On either side of the tall branches insert a tall artificial berry pick for a pop of red (as pictured below).

Outdoor Christmas Planters with artificial berry picks

Wire the large pinecone and grapevine ball and place them in front of the Madonna picks (as pictured below).

Outdoor Christmas Planters embellished with large pine cone

You can skip this embellishment if you like, and I seriously considered it. Wire a plaid bow in front of the pinecone and grapevine ball (as pictured below). If the planters are quite full, a smaller bow would work just as well.

Outdoor Christmas Planters with plaid bow

To Make A Floral Bow

  • Roll out a strand of ribbon 6-inches long (first tail).
  • Fold the ribbon over.
  • Measure a strand of ribbon 8-inches long over the previous strand.
  • Fold the ribbon over.
  • Measure another strand of ribbon 8-inches long over the previous strand.
  • Repeat the last two steps until you have 8 stacked loops.
  • Fold the ribbon over.
  • Measure a strand of ribbon 2-inches long over the last strand (center loop).
  • Fold the ribbon over.
  • Measure one last strand 6-inches long (second tail).
  • Tie the ribbon with a 16-inch piece of florist wire in the center.
  • You should now have eight 4-inch loops on either side.
  • Fan open the loops and fluff each loop open.
  • Place the 2-inch loop over the florist wire to conceal.
  • Separate the two 6-inch tails
  • Cut the ends of the tails.
  • Long strands of florist wire used to attach the bow to Christmas Planter greens.

Place decorated plastic inserts into your tall planters, admire your work and forget about them until after the holidays!

Now, this sounds counter-intuitive but I watered the faux greens in like you would fresh greens to freeze them in. This step isn't necessary but my planters are out in the open where there is a bit of a wind tunnel so this is extra security to prevent the smaller embellishments from flying off with the wind.

Here are my Christmas Planters in our tall heavy plant pots flanking the front door.

Outdoor Christmas Planters Using Faux Greens

...and this is what they look like at night illuminated by the pre-lit branches.

Outdoor Christmas Planters with Faux Greens at night

For a couple of years, we had tall lanterns with mixed greens on top of each planter but I missed having traditional Christmas Urns. I like the idea of having both the holiday planters and lanterns to welcome guests during the holidays. The lanterns we made from salvaged scraps for a fraction of the cost of buying large lanterns. You can see how we made them here in the post, Large DIY Holiday Lanterns.

Materials List (per pot)

Plastic Flower Pot Insert with dirt
6 Tall Painted Curly Willow
4 Cedar/Pine Greens 26"
3 Mixed Green Picks 12"
2 Artificial Berry Picks
1 Large Pinecone 11"
1 Grapevine Ball
3 Tall Red Wooden Decorative Picks
2 1/2" Plaid Wired Christmas Ribbon
Green Florist Wire

The total cost to make these Christmas Planters with artificial greens was approximately $150 per pot. I just heard you gasp but if you compare the cost of using fresh greens every year, these will have paid for themselves within 2-3 holiday seasons. You could easily spend this amount per pot every year if you had them made by your local greenhouse or flower shop.

For those of you, like me, with black thumbs who prefer the fill and forget option for Christmas Planters, save it on Pinterest to refer back to and/or share it with a friend. If you purchase good quality artificial greens, it is hard to tell they aren't the real thing unless you touch them.

How to make Outdoor Christmas Planters with artificial greens

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