Mom's Traditional Shortbread Cookies With A Lavender Twist

I finally started my holiday baking but everything I made didn't turn out except for these tried and true traditional shortbread cookies. The recipe has been in my Mother's family for many generations and I don't remember there ever being a Christmas where a plate of these was not served at family gatherings.

When Mom got sick and could no longer bake my aunt would bring her a tin every Christmas. If she couldn't, I did. I wonder what Mom would think about me breaking tradition this year by dipping them in lavender sugar (affiliate link).

Lavender Sugar Dipped Traditional Shortbread Cookies

Mom loved the scent of lavender and so did her Mother. The week we held bedside vigil before Mom's passing her bedding was sprinkled with lavender oil. When you opened the door to her room you were greeted with the most lovely scent that was immediately calming.

And so to honor both my Mom, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother, I altered the old family shortbread recipe this year with a dusting of their favorite flower.

Traditional Shortbread Cookie Family Holiday Recipe

The ingredients are first mixed with my Kitchen Aid and then kneaded by hand onto a floured board until the dough starts to crack. The dough is cut in two and rolled into two round or rectangular logs (as pictured below).

Traditional Shortbread Cookie Dough

I found the sugar from a local company here in Canada and have included a link here to their lavender and vanilla sugar. An alternative would be this lavender sugar (affiliate link). The dusting of lavender adds such a lovely subtle flavor to the shortbread cookies that isn't over-powering.

I've used lavender sugar before when making handmade Lavender Infused Suckers for my daughter's wedding. I may make my own lavender sugar next year from my harvested plants. I shared a post here on How To Harvest And Dry Lavender.

Homemade Traditional Shortbread Cookies Lavender Dusting

As I baked these cookies I was flooded with memories of last Christmas and how much fun she had at what would be her last Christmas dinner with her family. Recently I turned the jacket she wore to that party into Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornaments for my family.

Last year my gift to Mom was this handmade Alzheimer's Busy Blanket. I so wish I had made it for her several years ago when first diagnosed as it was a great way to keep her fidgeting hands busy.

May your hearth be warm, your cookies abundant, and your every wish granted.

Merry Christmas

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Traditional Shortbread Cookies With Lavender Twist

Homemade Traditional Shortbread Cookies With Lavender

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