Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain In Under 15 Minutes

Do you long to have a water feature in your yard but the price of buying one is way over budget? I'm always looking for interesting ways to add curb appeal to our front yard.

Determined that a tight budget would not deter us from ever having a water feature, I came up with a way to get one without breaking the bank. Even better, our Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain is super easy and can be made in less than 15-minutes.

Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain

15 Minute DIY Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain

All it takes to build one are these supplies...

DIY Plant Pot Water Fountain Supplies

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What you need to build one

  • 2 plastic or glazed plant pots in different sizes

  • 1 plastic or glazed flower pot saucer

  • 1 plastic pail

  • River rocks

  • Solar Power Bird Bath Fountain Pump

  • We found the pots on clearance for $35.00 for the pair and the solar pump cost just under $19. So for less than $50, we now have a lovely water feature in our front yard.

    I love that we don't have to run electrical cords that are a hazard when cutting the grass nor do we have an unsightly solar panel in the garden. Drop and go and let the sun do the work!

    The biggest motivating factor in making our water fountain was when I came across this Solar Power Bird Bath Fountain Pump and I just had to have one. It comes with four different spray nozzle heads which is fun to change up the spray now and again.

    I found these resin plant pots that would work to make a water fountain if you can't find ones locally.


    When our solar pump arrived I just had to head outside and build the fountain. Mr. Rexy ran for cover under the potting bench but I wasn't letting a little rain stop me.

    Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain

    Let's get to the eight easy steps to making a solar plant pot water fountain shall we.

    Step 1 - Level the ground

    We used a broken paving stone to set the fountain on to keep it off the dirt. We leveled the ground with a garden hoe first.

    Solar Plant Pot Fountain Stone Base

    Step 2 - Base Flower Pot

    Set the largest pot on top of the stone.

    Solar DIY Water Fountain Plant Pot Base

    Step 3 - Garden Pail Riser

    Insert a large pail (or whatever you have on hand) into the bottom pot.

    DIY Solar Plant Pot Fountain Makeshift Riser

    Step 4 - Flower Pot Saucer For Second Pot

    You will need a large saucer for the second pot to sit on. We already had this large plastic saucer on hand that just happened to be the perfect size to cover the top of the bottom pot. Unfortunately, the lip on the saucer made it a little too big to fit the opening so we trimmed it.

    DIY Solar Water Fountain Plant Pot Base

    Step 5 - Stack Second Flower Pot

    Stack the smaller flower pot in the center and fill the saucer with river rocks.

    DIY Solar Flower Pot Water Fountain Assembled

    Step 6 - Fill Top Pot With Water

    Fill the top flower pot with water.

    DIY Solar Flower Pot Water Fountain

    Step 7 - Add The Solar Pump

    Like I said earlier in this post, drop and go and let the solar panel do the work.

    IMPORTANT: The fountain must be situated in a sunny location

    Because the pump doesn't have a traditional solar panel with a rechargeable battery, the fountain must have the direct sun on the panel to work. If you are looking for a fountain that will run on cloudy days as well as into the evening hours, this is not the pump for you.

    Plant Pot Water Fountain Bird Bath Solar Pump

    Step 8 - Keeping The Solar Pump Centered

    Now you may be wondering what those four galvanized wires are about. Because the pump floats on the water, if it rests towards the edge of the pot, the spray will flow over the pot and you'll need to keep filling it with water. 

    To keep the solar pump centered so the spray lands inside the top flower pot, insert galvanized wires into the foam floatations on the pump. Cut the wires to fit the depth from the pump to the sides of the pot.

    Plant Pot Water Fountain Solar Pump Wire Supports

    That's it folks, doesn't get much easier than that and look how lovely this looks in our front flower bed.

    DIY Solor Flower Pot Water Fountain

    If my easy peasy Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain has inspired you to build one for yourself or you know of someone who may like this idea for a water feature, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.
    Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain In Under 15 Minutes
    This isn't my first DIY Flower Pot Water Fountain rodeo. Back in 2013, I built one for our back yard and it has been one of the most popular outdoor projects on the blog. You can find it here in my post How To Turn Plant Pots Into A Water Fountain.

    If you want to get real fancy schmancy and know your way around power tools, here is another water feature alternative for a deck, patio, or balcony. This IS the most popular outdoor project on the blog and you can find it here in my post, DIY Patio Water Wall.

    Do you have a DIY water feature in your garden? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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    1. This is so cool!! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a solar water pump. That's amazing. You did a beautiful job. Pinning! :)

      1. Thank you Jennifer, we love our easy peasy solar water fountain!

    2. That is really pretty and it does sound nice and easy to make! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Summer Fun party. Pinned.

      1. Oh it really is easy to make and if you already have the flower pots, super inexpensive too.

    3. Great idea! Would love to make this... what size pots did you use?

      1. I used the largest flower pot I could find at the home improvement store that had more than one size matching pot. It's a pretty standard large flower pot. Any size larger flower pot would work to make this.

    4. What a fun project! I've always wanted a water feature in my yard! This will be one of my features on Monday for the Summer Fun Link Party!

      1. I'm glad you like my solar water feature Roseann and thank you so much for featuring it in the fun linky party you co-hosted! Appreciate that you all provided a platform for us to share our summer projects. xo

    5. I love that this runs on solar polar and no need for electricity. I'll have to show this to the hubby and see if can find a place for a fountain.

      1. Glad you like the solar function of our fountain, Erlene. Only downside is because the fountain doesn't have a rechargeable battery panel, it will not run on a cloudy day.

    6. I am going to make this this coming week. It can't be any simpler to make. Thanks for posting this

      1. Yes, it is so super easy to make. Have fun making your water fountain!


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