Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Scarves

I wrap gifts like I blog, with the intention of everything but the present being repurposed. Today I'm sharing some ideas and tips on how to wrap Christmas gifts so even the wrapping becomes another gift or can be reused for something else.

Christmas gift wrapping with scarves

Creative Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Scarves

Being a family of seven children, gifts from Mom and Dad alone would fill the space under the tree. Once gifts from grandparents, aunts & uncles and godparents were received, our tiny living room would have presents that spread far beyond the tree.

I remember Mom after all the gifts were opened, gathering mounds of wrapping paper and stuffing it into numerous garbage bags. It bothered me, even as a young child, how much money was wasted on all that paper only to end up in the landfill.

As an adult, my goal each year is to come up with creative Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas that reduce waste and saves money.  In doing so, I often hear friends and family say, "oh this present must be from Martha".

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

This year I decided rather than ribbon I would use scarves so the recipients receive two gifts in one.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Ribbon and Bows

Often I use wired ribbon because it can be reused but who couldn't use a scarf during the winter. It can be an inexpensive alternative if you buy them on sale. Tied in a bow at the top of the gift serves double duty as a ribbon & bow and the recipients will be thrilled to get a second gift.

I used a ladies scarf tied into a bow on the top of one gift...

Christmas Gift Wrapping with ladies scarf

...and a men's scarf on another.

Christmas Gift Wrapping with men's scarf

In keeping with the "winter cozy theme", I used the cutest Christmas Sweater Ribbon on the third...

Holiday Gift Wrapping with Christmas Sweater Ribbon

Embellishment Ideas

The possibilities are endless for adding a special touch on top of your gifts. Christmas ornaments become the third gift. I adore the wooden reindeer ornaments I found at the dollar store and the festive red & white bells from Wal-Mart.

Another option for my winter theme could have been wooden sleighs or ornaments with skis and poles.

Christmas Sweater Ribbon wrapped gift

Red burlap ribbon bows with faux holly berries are a nice touch. My friend Leanna from Faeries and Fauna Blog has a great video tutorial on how to make bows.

Christmas Gift Wrapping with sweaters and ornaments

Gift Tag Ideas

Depending on your budget, you could place a coffee house gift card inside a small mitten as an alternative to a gift tag. For children (depending on their age) place a small toy, movie pass or iTunes card into the mitten and don't forget to add a candy cane.

Christmas Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping Theme Ideas

Think of a theme you could create for your gifts like I did with my "Winter Cozy" theme.

Rustic Woodland Theme

Wrap the gifts with brown craft paper and use red and white bakers twine wrapped 2-3 times around the gift tied with a simple bow. To embellish the gift use pine cones or a wooden star ornament and add a sprig of faux greens and cluster of holly berries.

A wood slice ornament would make a great gift tag for this theme. For the wine lover on your list, see my tutorial on how to make Wood Slice Cocktail Hour Coasters that could easily be turned into ornaments using an eye hook and bakers twine.

Winter Wonderland Theme

Wrap the gift with white postal paper and use a white feather boa for the ribbon. A snowflake ornament or mini paper house would be a great embellishment. A mini wooden sleigh could be used for an alternative gift tag or your favorite warm beverage recipe.

Glitz & Glam Theme

Over white craft paper, add silver or gold metallic wired ribbon that could be reused again. Add a pretty mercury glass ornament to embellish or a clear glass ornament with their monogram written in metallic pen, serving double duty as a name tag. 

Children's Theme

Make a paper chain like we did when we were kids and wrap it around the gift. Embellish with a child-friendly ornament or small toy. As I suggested earlier, a great gift tag idea for this theme is an iTunes card or movie passes placed in a small mitten. Don't forget to add a candy cane.

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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas using scarves