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Fun Wood Slice Holiday Cocktail Party Coasters | The Interior Frugalista

Fun Wood Slice Holiday Cocktail Party Coasters

Last Spring during a freak snowstorm we lost two 50+ year-old trees in our yard. Thankfully we have a backyard fire pit so the firewood will come in handy. It took an entire weekend to cut up all that wood. Last week while sipping my morning java and admiring cursing the freshly fallen snow from my kitchen window my eyes caught a glimpse of that wood pile. Ding Ding on went the boots to search for the perfect sized log to make Wood Slice Holiday Coasters!

DIY Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

The Power Tool Challenge theme this month is Kris Kringle Holiday Edition! If you haven't heard of the Power Tool Challenge, it is a group of tool savvy, skill sharing blogging friends who encourage and empower our female readers to step out of their comfort zones and try simple projects they can make themselves using a power tool.

Power Tool Holiday Challenge

How to make fun Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

Power Tools:

For this project, I only used one power tool, a compound miter saw to cut the log into slices.

DIY Guide to cut Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

Setting Up A Wood Cutting Guide

To get perfectly sized and straight slices, nobody wants a wobbly coaster, we rigged a Wood Guide using the miter saw clamp and a piece of 4 x 4 lumber.  Measure the distance from the end of the wood guide to your saw blade. To do this, pull the blade down so it's next to the wood guide and measure the space (desired thickness you want your coasters) and clamp in place. Mine measure 1/2-inch thick wood slices.

Cutting wood slices using a compound mitre saw for Holiday Coasters

Cutting The Wood Slices

Prior to making each cut, adjust the log so it fits flush against the wood guide. I'm not going to lie, it's a bit of a pain holding the log flush while cutting. But if I can do it, you definitely can!  This ensures a consistent thickness to each wood slice.  Don't forget to wear eye protection.

Log cut into slices for DIY Holiday Coasters

Prepping The Wood Slices

Using 180 grit sandpaper, I smoothed the top surface of each slice.

180 grit sandpaper to smooth tops of wood slices for Holiday Coasters

In PicMonkey, I created a graphic for each coaster. You can see there is a cocktail hour theme to my coasters.

I've included a Free printable if you'd like to make these. Click on the graphic for you copy.

Image Transfer Option 1 - Using Carbon Paper

Using carbon paper, I simply traced each word onto the slices.

Use Carbon Paper to trace graphic onto Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

With a Fine and Ultra Fine Black Sharpie Marker, I traced over the pencil marks and let the ink dry overnight.

Sharpie Marker Graphics on Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

Image Transfer Option 2 - Ink Jet Printer

If you have an ink jet printer change the settings to print the graphic in reverse (mirror image). Place a glossy sheet of paper, glossy side up, into your printer (photo paper or label sheets with the labels removed, work great for this. Being careful not to smudge the ink, place the graphic print side down and hold firmly in place so the paper doesn't move. Using the back of a spoon, rub over the back of the graphic until you get a good transfer onto the wood.

That's it!

Sealing The Wood Slices

The following day I sprayed two coats of Shellac over each wood slice to seal and protect them.  I added four felt pads onto the bottoms to prevent furniture scratches.

Set of six DIY Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

These are fun to have on hand for adult cocktail parties during the holidays.

DIY Wood Slice Holiday Coasters

The extra fun part about the Kris Kringle theme this month is that these coasters are being sent to one of my blogging friends on the Power Tool Challenge Team.

I made enough sets for hostess gifts with a bottle of wine during holiday festivities.

Easy DIY Wood Slice Holiday Coasters for Power Tool Holiday Challenge

UPDATE: There it is my big fat spelling mistake that I didn't notice until after I published this post! Instead of removing the photo I decided to keep it real. So yes, JOLLY is in fact spelled with two L's.

Now it's time to see what Holiday projects my talented friends created. If you like and are inspired by what you see, please do not pin from the pictures below. Follow the link to their blog and pin directly from their post.

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