A Quick Farmhouse Style IKEA Bentwood Stool Makeover

Hello friends, today I'm sharing an easy peasy furniture makeover that took less than an hour to complete. We picked this bentwood stool, originally from IKEA, up for a song several months ago. Other than dated upholstery, it was in good shape and just needed a refresh.

I knew exactly what fabric I was going to cover the seat with as soon as I set eyes on this stool. Last year I removed a red ticking stripe slipcover from our living room wing chair and had it waiting in my stash for the perfect project. I knew it would come in handy one day and that day was now with this Farmhouse Style Bentwood Stool Makeover.

Bentwood Stool with red ticking stripe seat

Farmhouse Style IKEA Bentwood Stool Makeover

This is what the stool looked like before...

Bentwood Stool Before Makeover

The first thing I did was detach the seat and give the legs a good scrub with soap and warm water. Using a sanding sponge I roughed up the glossy finish. To add some depth I applied a wash of dark walnut stain using a clean lint-free rag and immediately wiped off the excess stain.

You can see in the picture below how it settled into the ridges and grain of the wood giving the legs a more rustic appearance.

Bentwood Stool Legs with Dark Walnut Top Coat

While the stain was drying I removed the old fabric from the seat and used it as a template for my red ticking stripe slipcover.

Red Ticking Stripe Slipcover Repurposed

I laid the slipcover on the bed and strategically took it apart, salvaging everything, including the piping. First, I had to remove Sexy Rexy from the room because of one slight move of those tie backs and he was jumping all over that slipcover.

Once I cut the small circle out for my stool I simply stapled it onto the underside of the seat with an upholstery staple gun. Sorry, I completely forgot to take a picture of that step.

Upholstery Tip:
Lay the fabric over the seat, ensuring the ticking stripes are straight and staple to the underside of the seat. Pull the fabric taut, again making sure the stripe is straight and staple the opposite side to the underside of the seat.

Repeat this step on each side, ensuring you don't pull too taut that the stripe gets distorted.  Work your way around the seat making small folds as you work. Try to get the folds to sit on the underside of the seat for a smooth finish on the exposed side. 

Farmhouse Style Bentwood Stool with Repurposed Red Ticking Stripe Seat

I reattached the legs onto the seat.

Farmhouse Style Bentwood Stool with dark walnut legs and red ticking stripe seat

Now this Bentwood Stool With A Repurposed Red Ticking Stripe Slipcovered Seat has a Farmhouse Style look.

Refreshed IKEA Bentwood Stool with Farmhouse Style

And the bonus, it cost me absolutely nothing!

Farmhouse Style Bentwood Stool Makeover Before and After

Bentwood stools typically come with a wood seat but the person who owned this before added 2-inch foam and batting. All I had to do was replace the fabric.

I don't do a lot of upholstery but my first attempt a few years ago was this Antique Balloon Back Chair. A client trusted me to upholstered a set of Vintage High Back Chairs for her. But earlier this year I tackled (pun intended) a Bergère Chair With Some Serious Attitude.

Have a great weekend everyone!  It's an extra special weekend for our family as we walk our daughter down the aisle on Saturday.

Starting next week I'll be sharing some of the DIY Rustic Wedding Decor that we made. Be sure to check in on Tuesday when I share the Rustic Wedding Card Caddy.

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