An IKEA FROSTA Stool Makeover With Farmhouse Style

An easy and unpredictable IKEA FROSTA stool makeover with farmhouse style in less than an hour. How to take the minimalist bentwood from modern to country, with a wash of stain and recycled fabric remnant.

Reupholstering an IKEA Frosta stool with red ticking stripe fabric with farmhouse style.

Recycled Ticking Fabric IKEA Frosta Stool Makeover

We found the gently used FROSTA during a trip to Goodwill several months ago. Someone had taken the time to upholster the wooden seat. The wooden legs were a little banged up but it will add to the rustic farmhouse charm. But first, the gold fabric has to go.

A gently used IKEA FROSTA bentwood stool from Goodwill before getting a makeover.

For a hot minute, I considered removing the upholstery and painting the wooden seat a bright bold color, and calling it a day. But I happened to have an old armchair slipcover we were no longer using that I've been itching to recycle into something useful.

Mr. Rex figured the slipcover tiebacks were his new toy.

Recycling an old red ticking stripe armchair slipcover to upholster an IKEA Frosta stool.

I've been on a mission to recycle every stitch of our old slipcover into something useful. So far I've used it to make this ticking fabric office chair pillow, ticking stripe Christmas ornaments, ticking fabric pumpkins, and vintage-style heart wreath.

Here's what the IKEA FROSTA stool looks like now after the farmhouse-style makeover. Big difference, right?

An easy and unpredictable IKEA FROSTA stool makeover with farmhouse style.

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We'll begin by changing the light color on the bentwood legs so they have a rustic farmhouse patina.

Changing The Color Of The Bentwood Legs

The first thing I did was detach the seat and give the legs a good scrub with warm soapy water. Then with a 150-grit sanding pad, I lightly sanded the wood just to remove the glossy finish. Remember, I'm embracing the scratches and dents to add to the rustic charm.

Next, I darkened the legs with a wash of stain. To do this I brushed the legs with dark walnut stain and immediately wiped the excess stain with a lint-free rag. You can see in the photo below how it settled into the imperfections and grain of the wood giving the legs a rustic patina that will pair nicely with the ticking fabric.

Giving IKEA FROSTA stool wooden legs a rustic patina with a wash of dark walnut stain.

Upholstering The Bentwood Stool Seat

These IKEA Frosta stools typically have a wooden seat but as I mentioned earlier, the person who owned this before added 2-inch foam and batting. All I had to do was replace the fabric.

Use the old fabric as a template for the new fabric. I'm not a fan of simply reupholstering over old fabric so I take the time to remove all the staples with this handy upholstery tool.

  1. Lay the old fabric template onto the new fabric, making sure the stripes are straight and in the direction you want them.
  2. Cut the new fabric at least three inches larger than the template.
  3. With the good side of the seat facing upwards, line up the fabric with the stripes pointing vertically.
  4. Flip the seat upside down and use an upholstery stapler to tack a staple on the bottom of the seat to hold the fabric in place.
  5. Double-check to make sure the stripe is perfectly straight.
  6. Pull the fabric taut, but not too tightly that it distorts the stripe.
  7. Tack it with a staple on the opposite side.
  8. Work your way around the seat making small folds as your staple.
  9. Try to get the folds to sit on the underside of the seat so they are not visible on the exposed side of the seat as pictured below.
  10. Trim the excess fabric so it doesn't cover the holes for attaching the legs.
  11. My apologies for not taking photos of this step, I was working alone.

Reattach the rustic-stained legs back onto the seat.

An IKEA Frosta stool upholstered with recycled ticking fabric.

From minimalist modern to country farmhouse style and the best part is that the makeover didn't cost a dime. Except for the cost of the stool, which was under $10 at the thrift store.

So what do you think? If you're not into the farmhouse look I could picture the stool still with the light-colored wood or painted white, with bright and bold retro geometric fabric instead. You can get a taste of what that would look like here in my Mid-Century Modern Armchair Makeover.

A thrift store IKEA FROSTA stool refresh with an upholstered ticking fabric seat and stained wood legs.

For more farmhouse inspiration visit my farmhouse furniture makeovers page. Thanks for stopping by the Interior Frugalista today! I hope you were inspired by this IKEA FROST stool makeover.

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An easy and unpredictable IKEA FROSTA stool makeover with farmhouse style in less than an hour. How to take the minimalist bentwood from modern to country, with a wash of stain and recycled ticking fabric remnant. #farmhousefurnituremakeover #upcycledfurniture #ikeafurnituremakeover

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