Handmade Wooden Caddy Makeover

It's Frugal Decor Tuesday and you know what that means, another thrift store find has been re-purposed or given a fresh new look.

How could I resist buying this adorable handmade wooden spa caddy? Someone put a lot of time and love into this little caddy and being a DIYer, I could appreciate their handy work. I mistakenly assumed that the letters on the front were woodcraft letters glued to the front but I quickly learned when trying to remove them, that they were carved into the wood.

Handmade Wooden Garden Tool Caddy Before and After

Handmade Wooden Caddy Makeover

For a second, I thought about using it in our bathroom for rolled towels and hand made soaps but I wasn't a fan of the blocked letters. Part of me regrets not sanding the paint from the letters and the hand-hewn handle and staining them for a rustic look. It was the perfect size caddy to sit on a bathroom counter.

Handmade Wooden Spa Caddy with Hand Hewn Handle

But sadly, that is not what I did. Instead, I meticulously chiseled and sanded until each letter was removed. I gave the entire caddy a gray wash with chalk paint and a clear wax finish. I found the adorable galvanized mini garden tools at Michaels and attached them with upholstery tacks.

Handmade Wooden Garden Tool Caddy Makeover

You can see how I transferred the vintage graphic in my Antique Chair Spindle Garden Caddy post.

It sold at the outdoor market in May and knowing the buyer personally, I know she too appreciates the craftsmanship in this adorable Handmade Wooden Garden Caddy.

A transformed wooden spa caddy

Having regrets about this makeover, I'm curious what you would have done. Kept the carved letters or removed them?

On Thursday I'll be sharing a gorgeous Antique Edwardian side table makeover that I was quite proud of until Mother Nature decided to mess with it.

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