How To Quickly Update A 1970s Coppercraft Guild Mirror

Do you remember the ever-so-popular Coppercraft wall decor from the 1970s? Today I'm sharing how to quickly update a mid-century Coppercraft guild mirror in bold colors. The lovely mix of texture on these pieces really pops when they are painted in bright colors like turquoise.

I found the vintage Coppercraft mirror at Goodwill for under $5. I come across the wall decor often but rarely the mirrors so this was a special treat. If you are looking for budget-friendly modern wall decor then these upcycled mid-century mirrors are perfect.

A quick and easy vintage guild mirror makeover painted a bold turquoise color.

Mid Century Coppercraft Guild Mirror Makeover

I know there are avid Coppercraft collectors who would be appalled that I'm suggesting you paint these guild mirrors. But for those who love the updated mid-century style, these painted mirrors work beautifully. A case in point is that my painted Coppercraft mirror sold very quickly!

A quick and easy vintage Coppercraft mirror makeover with spray paint.

This is what the vintage thrift store guild mirror looked like before the makeover. See all those fabulous textures just waiting to pop?

A 1970s Coppercraft guild mirror before getting a makeover in a bright bold color.

Here is the Coppercraft mirror after the makeover. A big difference, right?

A Coppercraft mirror makeover with mid-century modern style.

Pictured below is a closer look at the lovely textured detail after being painted. They are much more noticeable now.

A Coppercraft mirror from the 1970s gets a bright bold makeover.

I think it looks so fresh and modern and would look great in any room. Pictured beneath the mirror is a plastic thrift store tray upcycle in a similar color.

An upcycled Coppercraft guild mirror painted a bright Aqua turquoise color.

What You'll Need To Make It

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Supply List

Vintage Coppercraft Mirror or Wall Decor
Aqua Spray Paint
Clear Topcoat Spray Paint

Here's How I Made It

As mentioned earlier, this guild mirror makeover is so quick and easy with just a couple of coats of spray paint. The most time-consuming part of the makeover is waiting for the paint to dry, but even that doesn't take long.

Prep Vintage Coppercraft Mirror

First, remove the mirror from the frame if you can. If not, protect the mirror by covering it with paper and painter's tape.

Clean the guild frame of the mirror well. My go-to cleaner is filling a spray bottle with 1 part white vinegar, 2 parts warm water, and a drop of Dawn dish soap.

Set the mirror down on a plastic sheet or large piece of cardboard. To get in all the nooks and crannies, raise the mirror on something like a paint can or whatever you have available.

Painting Coppercraft Mirror

In a well-ventilated area paint the Coppercraft mirror with a thin coat of spray paint in a bold color. I used a pretty aqua (turquoise) spray paint color but I could see it painted a berry pink, apple red, coral, sun yellow, or purple too.

Spray Painting Tips

  1. It's important to give the spray can a good shake for at least one minute first.
  2. Hold the spray can 10-16 inches from the mirror.
  3. Start the spray on the cardboard or plastic sheet and spray across the mirror frame in a steady back and forth motion.
  4. Wait about 20 minutes when the paint is dry to the touch before spraying a second coat followed by a third (if necessary).

1970s Mirror Makeover Topcoat

Wait about 1 hour after the final coat of spray paint is dry before spraying a clear topcoat. Because the mirror won't be man-handled much, one coat should be enough. It takes about 24 hours before the paint is completely dry.

That's it, pretty easy, right?

I love this summery coastal aqua color so much that I gave a vintage bistro table set a makeover in the same color too.

A turquoise mid-century mirror makeover with spray paint.

Thanks for stopping by the Interior Frugalista today! I hope you were inspired by this 1970s Coppercraft mirror makeover.

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A quick and easy mid-century mirror makeover - how to make those lovely textures on 1970s Coppercraft Guild pop in bright bold colors with paint. #upcycledmirror #guildmirrormakeover #midcenturymirror #coppercraftmirror

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  1. Hi Marie,
    Isn't it crazy how just a little paint in the right color can make a big difference on a relove. This is so great. I also watched the video on the lady pretending to go on vacation. That would be me!!!! Have a great new week ahead. xoxo

    1. I know, right! It never ceases to amaze me even after all these years upcycling decor and furniture. That video was pretty funny, eh! Wishing you a great week too my friend. xo

  2. OMG I just posted a hanging coppercraft plant pot on my Etsy store yesterday and picture of it on my IG story half hour ago! Totally remember my mom going to these parties

    1. They were so popular! I bet you sell them quickly on Etsy because there are many collectors who would be appalled that I painted mine. LOL

  3. Thanks for giving me the “push” to paint and update my copper craft collection!!!
    I thought about selling them (original) on Etsy, but I love the updated turquoise!!! Retro, fun and artsy!!!

    1. Oh wow, I'm so excited to hear my painted Coppercraft mirror has inspired you to not only keep your collection but to breathe new life into it too! The lovely textures look so amazing painted in bright colors but even white is gorgeous too. Have fun updating your collection!

  4. Love that color, Marie!! It's so pretty. I never expected it!

    1. I bet you were expecting our favorite color? I even surprised myself that I went for the aqua can rather than apple red! LOL

  5. WOW this is an amazing makeover! I love it, will be featuring on IMM :) XO

    1. Hi Kristin, I'm glad you like the makeover and thank you so much for the feature! xo

  6. It is just amazing what paint can do! Such a nice job on your mirror, it looks so pretty.

    1. Hi Judy, thank you so much! I love the detail on Coppercraft wall art and always amazed how pretty and updated they look painted.


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