An Easy Update To An 80's Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl

Welcome to another edition of Frugal Decor Tuesday and today we're going to be talking about fruit. Yes, you read that correctly.

We've had this lovely but heavy Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl for several months. Twice we've attempted to sell it without success. My thought is that it isn't the fruit bowl that makes it unattractive to buyers but rather the 80's vibe it has going on. So I pulled it off the shelf and gave it a quick and easy update with chalk paint.

Chalk paint update on Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl

Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl Update

Here is a closer peek at what it looked like before...

Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl BEFORE

My initial thought was to paint it white and distress a little to show some of the colors underneath. I barely got the apple finished when I decided to scrap that idea. Onto Plan B, making them look like stone, very fitting considering the weight of each piece.

The first thing I did was water down some white chalk paint to a milk-like consistency. I went over all the pieces with one coat, letting the paint run into all those crevices.

Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl after a whitewash of chalk paint

Once dry I dipped only the tip of my paintbrush into the color Hurricane (which is a charcoal gray color) chalk paint and removed the excess paint onto a paper towel.  I ran the brush lightly over each piece in random strokes so the paint hit only the raised parts (see picture below).

A stone-like finish to an 80's Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl

I love how it instantly updated the look.

White & Grey wash finish to Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl View 1

All the details on each piece pop.

White & Grey wash finish on a Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl View 2

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, so much so that I'm thinking about keeping them.

Stone-like finish on Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl

They would be an interesting addition to any Spring or Summer tablescape.

Stone-like finish on Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl

I think they look great on my dining room table.

An easy white & grey chalk paint update on Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl

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An 80's Clay Mexican Fruit Bowl update with chalk paint

So what is your preference - the before or after? Don't be shy, I won't be offended if you prefer the before. I always love reading your comments.

My thoughts have been on warm weather, Spring flowers, and time spent outdoors. This Canadian Prairie Girl is DONE with winter so I think next week I'll share a little taste of Spring.

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