Vintage Jewelry Box Repurposed Into Remote Control Storage

Welcome to Week One of my new series, Frugal Decor Tuesday. Much like furniture, I love to find tired and dated home décor online or at thrift stores and breath new life into them. Having completed so many of these transformations, I decided to turn them into a weekly series.

I'm jump starting this series with a jewelry box that I picked up for a song at Goodwill. When I saw it I didn't see a jewelry box but rather a functional but display worthy Remote Control Storage Box.

Repurposed jewelry box into remote control storage

This what the jewelry box looked like before...

Thrift Store Jewelry Box Before

A Vintage Jewelry Box Repurposed Into Remote Control Storage

Other than the pretty blue paint color, the exterior looks pretty much the same.

Jewelry Box painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Louis Blue

...until you look inside.

Jewelry box transformed into Remote Control Organizer

The interior was gutted to accommodate multiple remote controls. In our living room, we have we a remote control for our television, fireplace, ceiling fan, DVD player, and PVR. It drives me crazy seeing them scattered about the room and so this is a great solution for having them corralled in one place while keeping them hidden.

It can also be used as a trinket or collectibles box displayed on a bookcase. I can see it filled with photos, cards, letters - the possibilities are endless.

Wooden jewelry box transformed into a bookcase trinket box

The first thing I did was take out my frustrations remove all the felt lining inside the jewelry box. I was surprised by how easy they came out.

Removing felt liner inside vintage jewelry box

Then I gutted the inside to get the depth needed for storing remote controls and things.

Gutted wooden jewelry box to store remove controls

I dismantled the drawer, keeping only the drawer front.

Gutting a wooden jewelry box drawer

...and glued the drawer front onto the box with wood glue.

Gluing jewelry box drawer front onto remote control storage box

...and clamped in place to cure overnight.

Jewelry box drawer front glued to Remote Control Storage Box

Then came the fun part, painting the box. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Louis Blue. After it dried I used 220 grit sandpaper to give it a distressed look for added character.

Wooden jewelry box upcycled into Remote Control Storage

I found some pretty scrapbook paper in my stash and lined the inside using my go to wallpaper paste (no air bubbles or wrinkles).

Paper lined Remote Control Storage Box

I added some of the scrapbook paper onto the recessed section on the back of the box for some visual interest.

Decoupaged paper back Remote Control Storage Box

The interior was protected with a coat of Tough Coat by Country Chic Paint and the exterior with clear wax using a lint-free rag.

That's it, a fun afternoon project while waiting for paint to dry on a piece of furniture I'm currently giving a makeover.

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Thrift Store Jewelry Box upcycled into Remote Control Storage

I hope to see you here next Tuesday when I give an Umbra Photograph Tray a rustic transformation.

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Be sure to come back on Thursday for the Organization edition of the Power Tool Challenge Team. If you have doggies, you'll want to catch that project. Until then I hope you have a great week.

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