DIY Salvaged Door Hall Tree with Aleka Craftaholic

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I'm excited to introduce you to my second Guest Post Blogger who so kindly offered to help during my surgery recovery. She is joining us from across the pond over in Greece! Meet Aleka who blogs at Aleka Craftaholic. Please give her a warm welcome as she shares her DIY Salvaged Door Hall Tree with you today. Without further ado, take it away Aleka...

DIY Salvaged Door Hall Tree

My name is Aleka and I blog at AlekaCraftaholic. I would have been so excited to be invited by Marie to guest post today and to share one of my all-time favorite tutorials with you, my DIY Hall Tree if only the reason wasn't her surgery recovery. Thank you so much, Marie, for letting me be a part of your fantastic blog today and I'm trying my best to make you see I worth it.

Today I am sharing with you an inexpensive way to add some storage space to your home entryway with a DIY Hall Tree made from an old door and salvaged wood. This project will definitely be the solution to hold your keys, your hats, your mail.

This is an old door I found on the side of the road. I took it home and added table legs, small hooks, and a top-shelf.....wood pieces all gathered from the garbage.

I patched the dents and scratches, sanded, brushed the table legs with two coats of homemade chalk paint in soft grey

...and I attached them to the door with L brackets, screws and wood glue, of course.  I glued and screwed my table shelf board on.

I also added some decorative L brackets. The tabletop is an old shelf from my mother's kitchen.


The top shelf was made from two scrap pieces. I measured and cut them. Then I joined them with two smaller wood pieces coming from an old bed.

A bold red wooden planter box (can't remember where I've found it and how long it has been waiting for being a useful part of my DIYs) was painted soft grey.

...and screwed on the door so that letters, bills and all mail stuff can be kept there.

I cut a piece of wood and transferred an image.

I glue it on the door and screwed some tiny hooks so it can be used as a key hanger.

All wood pieces were stained. I used a waterbased wood varnish in walnut.

I love the way the old hardware looked so I left it as it is, just a little bit sanding.

Every single piece of wood is a different type and I think that adds character, plus it is what I had. I like the look of painted wood next to stained wood. I just LOVE!

After wanting to make this for so long, I’m glad I did it, but I would do things differently should I ever make another hall tree. I would attach the legs differently and leave some space behind the door so I could add coat hangers and an umbrella storage bin and paint the door the same soft grey color I used.  This was my sister's choice, after all, to leave the door as it is because the hall tree is for her cottage.

Confession, I don't really have a good camera, so maybe someday, you will get a better "look" at my projects through a nice camera...someday.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy yourselves with family and friends.


Thank you so much, again Aleka, for so generously helping me out during my recovery!

I hope you enjoyed Aleka's fabulous Hall Tree made from salvaged pieces. I urge you to pop over to her blog at AlekaCraftaholic for a good visit! On her blog she shares home decor DIY’s, furniture revamps, crafts, tutorials, and creating cool stuff for her home from salvaged wood from the viewpoint of her environmental awareness and eco-consciousness.

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