Antique Radio Cabinet Refreshed From The Inside Out

If you follow me on Facebook you may remember a few weeks ago I asked for your input regarding whether or not to paint the exterior of this radio cabinet. The consensus was to leave it the way it is and I'm so glad I listened. This piece had been in my Mother's family for several generations and has a lot of sentimental value.

A radio cabinet makeover Before and After

Antique Radio Cabinet Refreshed From The Inside out

After completing Phase Two of our dining room makeover (more of that to come) it was looking rather tired and passé in the room. While sipping my morning coffee this weekend I had a light bulb moment and immediately set out to give the interior a facelift.

This is what it looked like before in our dining room...

Radio Cabinet Before Makeover

Not terrible but the shelves were in really rough shape (hence the reason for the linen napkins) and I didn't like how dark it was inside.

Well, one thing led to another and several hours later this little cabinet had some personality! Starting with a fresh coat of Old White chalk paint on the shelves.

Radio Cabinet with Old White chalk painted interior

Then some colorful paper I picked up at Michaels to line the back.

Radio Cabinet with Green Papered Back

I was thrilled to dust off a plate my Nana had given me on my 16th birthday and finally have a place to put it on display.

Collectors Plate displayed in Radio Cabinet

Count your garden by the flowers and never by the leaves that fall.

The cabinet looked so much better now but the glass was just too plain. It was replaced sometime in the 1940s when my Mom and her siblings were horsing around and broke the original glass. When prepping it to paint I found shards of glass still in the crevices.

Using Frog Tape and Martha Stewart Etching Creme I added a simple etched border around the perimeter and that did the trick.

Etching glass on a vintage radio cabinet

Some of the wood on the exterior was looking a little worse for wear so I rubbed dark wax over the worn parts followed by a coat of Hemp Oil over the entire cabinet. I let it sit for 30 minutes and wiped off the excess with a lint free cloth. Wow, what a difference!

Returning the lustre in stained furniture with Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil and Dark Wax restore the lustre in a vintage radio cabinet

When I received the cabinet I had replaced the original hardware with a glass knob.  I remembered I had a pretty green knob in my stash and it was perfect.

Green Ceramic Knob added to a vintage radio cabinet

The ball feet were very worn but the Hemp Oil brought back the color and luster beautifully.

Ball Feet on a vintage radio cabinet

Instead of protecting the shelves with clear wax or polycrylic like I normally do, I used Hemp Oil and it worked like a charm!

Vintage Radio Cabinet Update View 1

Vintage Radio Cabinet Update View 2

I'm really pleased with this radio cabinet update. Now it has the punch I was looking for but has retained the integrity of the stained wood exterior.

Vintage Radio Cabinet Update View 3