Kroehler French Provincial Side Table Makeovers Unified With Graphics

The round Kroehler table on the left may look familiar because I gave it a white makeover several months ago. My client recently inherited a matching rectangular table and wanted them unified for her living room. After it was chalk painted white and distressed to match, the Kroehler French Provincial Side Tables were further unified with graphics and I show you how.

Kroehler Tiered Side Tables with graphics

Kroehler French Provincial Side Tables Unified With Graphics

This is what the table looked like before the makeover...

Kroehler French Provincial Side Table Before

There were a few minor scratches and dents that some filler easily fixed on the legs and top. The table was painted with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Old White. Using 220 grit sandpaper, they were lightly distressed and protected with a coat of clear wax.

To give it an aged appearance, like the matching round table, dark wax was applied all over, especially in the nooks and crannies, and the excess removed with a lint-free rag.

Now for the fun part, unifying the tables with graphics...

Image Transfer Medium Technique on Kroehler Tiered Table

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I transfer graphics using the Graphite Image Transfer Technique but because the placement of the graphics on the lower tier of these tables was hard to reach, they were applied using the Image Transfer Medium Technique.

How to apply graphics using Image Transfer Medium

The Count Your Blessings and French Wreath graphics were found on the Graphics Fairy website. In PicMonkey I uploaded the French wreath and layered the Count Your Blessings graphic inside the wreath. Next, I reversed the image, making a mirror image of the graphic, saved it, and printed it on bond paper.

Note: A laser printer works best for this technique, however, if you only have access to an inkjet printer, you MUST let the ink completely dry first or it will smudge during the next step.

I repeated the same process for the next graphic except this time I created my own Live Love Laugh text inside the wreath. Again saving it as a mirror image and printing onto bond paper.

Cut around the printed graphics as close to the edge as possible and apply an image transfer medium using a foam brush onto the good side of the graphics.

French Provincial side table image transfer 1

Carefully place each graphic in the middle of each table tier and lightly remove any air bubbles with a brayer or old credit card (pictured above). Allow the graphics to dry for at least three hours before moving onto the next step.

Working in sections and a water bottle, lightly spray the graphic and with the ball of your finger gently remove the first layer of paper. Let dry again and repeat the process until the last layer of paper is removed and the graphic remains. Be careful not to rub too much or you risk removing the graphic.

The image will appear slightly murky but that will clear up when you apply a clear top coat to seal the graphic. My preference is Gator Hide from Dixie Belle Paint Company which is a non-yellowing matte water repellent sealer.

French Provincial Side Table image transfer 2

Now the great thing about this particular image transfer medium is that it peeled off so much easier than other products I've used and in far fewer steps.  The image held onto the wood firmly, even after distressing it lightly with sandpaper.  This is the best product I've used so far!

French Provincial Round Side Table with Graphic

French Provincial Rectangular Side Table with graphic

Thankfully my client was pleased with her tables and I'll get the pleasure of seeing them in her living room in early 2015 as she's enlisted my Interior Redesign services to do a makeover of a few rooms in her home.  I can't wait because besides refinishing furniture, one of my passions is doing room makeovers using what is already in the home!

Round French Provincial Side Table After Makeover

Rectangular French Provincial Side Table After Makeover

I can't leave a drawer untouched so I lined it with scrapbook paper using the same image transfer medium to adhere it to the drawer and topcoat protection.

French Provincial side table makeover with lined drawer

Now the two Kroehler French Provincial Side Tables look like they've always been a matching set!

French Provincial Side Tables unified by a makeover