A Vintage Headboard With A Touch Of Elegance

During one of our trips to the Habitat ReStore, I found this solid wood headboard with oval cane detail tucked behind several others in a back room. Mr. Frugalista gave me that are you really sure you want this look because he could see we were going to have to work hard to pull it out from the stash. It did come home with me and I gave that vintage headboard a touch of elegance with paint.

Newel Post Headboard Dark Waxed

A Vintage Headboard With A Touch Of Elegance

Newel Post Caned Back Headboard Before Makeover

The two guys behind the cash shook their heads when they saw that the vehicle we were driving was a Ford Taurus...sedan.

I gave them that "oh yeah, watch me" look and hiked that heavy headboard under my arm and marched straight outside towards the car. I'm 5'3" so imagine this thing practically being dragged across the parking lot.

Back seats pulled down and a little head-scratching later, that headboard was in the trunk, albeit with half of it sticking out the back end. Nothing a little red flag and some bungee cords couldn't handle.

The trip home was down a busy freeway and I'm not going to lie, I have expected the headboard to land in the middle of said freeway but we made it.

Newel Post Headboard Chalk Painted White

What an improvement after just one coat of white vanilla frosting chalk paint. I love how fresh the cane looks painted white.

Newel Post Cane Headboard Painted White

I then added just a touch of Elegance, literally by Country Chic Paint. 

Newel Post Headboard with Elegance chalk paint

Because the dark wood underneath had a glossy finish, I didn't distress the headboard to reveal the wood. Instead, I dirtied it up by applying dark wax to give it an aged appearance.

I'm pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully, I can find another headboard similar during one of my treasure hunts because I think it would make a beautiful day bed with a ruffle skirt and loads of pretty pillows.

Newel Post Caned Back Headboard Makeover

...and should I find another large headboard like this one, thankfully that Ford Taurus was replaced with a vehicle that can easily haul furniture.

Ahem...I should mention that also in the trunk that day were two other headboards. They were transformed into an Outdoor Garden Bench For Two and Headboard Dining Bench.

The client who commissioned me to paint this headboard also swooped up an Arabesque Stenciled Night Table that I recently finished to pair with the headboard for her guest room. I think the headboard and nightstand complement one another quite nicely.

Newel Post Headboard and matching night stand

Newel Post Headboard Makeover Before and After