Birds of Paradise {Coffee Table Makeover}

Good Morning and Happy T.G.I.F. With Easter festivities and it being a short week I managed to only complete one furniture makeover.  It was the first time I played with this color combination and I must say, I'm in love! It's been raining and cool this week so I didn't mind being down in the shop having fun with this Birds of Paradise Coffee Table Makeover. Can you see my feline sidekick who always finds a way to photo bomb my project pictures?

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table

Birds Of Paradise Coffee Table Makeover

Mr. Frugalista, who has become my "Official" lunch hour Picker...Buyer...Scout...Thrifting Specialist, found this great coffee table for me to makeover.  The legs were in good shape but the top was well used beaten up.

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table Before

Being veneer I didn't have the option of sanding it to the bare wood. Carefully I used the mouse sander to remove any knicks and scratches. Then I filled in the deeper gouges with Dynamic Dyna Patch Pro, my favorite non shrinking filler (I'm not being compensated for saying that - just sharing the love).

I painted the entire table with three coats of ASCP in Old White and the details with French Linen and oh I am loving this color!

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table Close Up

The table looked gorgeous and I could have given it some clear wax and called it a day buuuuuut Mama can't leave well enough alone.  Needing to inject some personality into my pieces I gave the top some stenciled goodness with a Damask Birds of Paradise graphic.  It's actually part of an Allover stencil design to be used on a wall but why limit it's use!  I used the small image of this stencil on the inside doors of the Small Armoire Makeover.

Birds of Paradise Stencil

Using the larger Birds of Paradise image I stenciled it onto the table with a couple of coats of French Linen. Those pretty birds needed to pop so I went over the French Linen with a couple of coats of Duck Egg. Lov'n it!

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table with stenciled top

The plan was to keep the table "clean" dark wax.  Never say never because that is exactly what I ended up doing.  Why?  Because I really wanted the stencil to look aged.  It looked odd having the stencil aged and the table clean so I just kept going with the sandpaper and dark waxaroo!

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table

I wish I had a house with multiple rooms because I would really like to keep this sweet table but the reality is I don't and so I will sadly have to bid it farewell.