How To Turn Ordinary Glass Into Looking Glass

Did you know you can turn ordinary glass into a looking glass? I didn't either but I kept coming across images of fabulous time-worm looking mirrors online. So I did what every DIYer does, searched Pinterest and discovered it was magic in a can that created the look.

How To Turn Ordinary Glass Into Looking Glass

How To Turn Ordinary Glass Into Looking Glass

I had to have some of that magic in a can and went on the hunt. I drove to every craft and home improvement store in our hamlet and the neighboring city. The clerks looked at me like I was from another planet, "you want what?"

Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint

Persistence is my first name and determination my second, so I contacted the good folks at Krylon and learned that it is not available in Canada. What?

I found it on Amazon and when I say I wanted this stuff, I mean I WANTED IT BAD...bad enough that between shipping and duty it cost more than double the price of the actual can of paint!

But look...

DIY Looking Glass Mirror Close Up

Would you have guessed this mirror used to be ordinary glass? Excuse the iPad peering from the side.

You may be asking yourselves, so why didn't she just go out and buy a mirror? Because the DIYer in me just had to see this product in action.

So when UPS showed up at my door, I danced like nobody was watching and I didn't even care that I had bed head and was still in my pj's.

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And so the fun began...

This is how incredibly easy it is...

Simply spray fine coats on the back side of the glass and let it dry approximately 5-minutes per coat. That's it, people, it doesn't get much easier than that.

Glass After One Coat Of Looking Glass Spray Paint
Glass After Two Coats Of Looking Glass Spray Paint
Glass After Three Coats Of Looking Glass Spray Paint
Glass After Four Coats Of Looking Glass Spray Paint
Glass After Five Coats Of Looking Glass Spray Paint
What I love about this finish is that it remains slightly opaque after it dries which makes it more interesting than just a plain ordinary mirror.
Glass After Six Coats Of Looking Glass Spray Paint

The picture frame I found in our basement storage room. I painted it with chalk paint in the color Versailles. I gave it a lightly distressed finish by sanding it back to reveal the wood underneath. Because it's hanging outside, I applied several coats of exterior polyurethane to protect the finish.

I found the perfect spot to hang it on our deck. When sitting in the Adirondack chairs facing the house you still get a view of the yard. Love it!

DIY Looking Glass Outdoor Mirror

I must say it was worth the cost of having the Krylon Looking Glass Paint shipped because it was so much fun to try. I plan on turning dollar store glass into a mirrored glass next.

If you found my Looking Glass project inspiring, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

How To Turn Ordinary Glass Into A Looking Glass Mirror
I also used the Krylon Looking Glass Paint to transform glass floral vases (you know the ones you've got stashed in a cupboard somewhere from floral deliveries long since forgotten) and turned them into beautiful Faux Mercury Glass.

And again to transform an inexpensive mirror from Wal Mart here in my post How To Make An Ordinary Mirror Look Antique.

Have you ever used looking glass spray paint? Has this inspired you to give it a try? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section.

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