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Bedroom Window Seat REmakeover | The Interior Frugalista

March 10, 2016

Bedroom Window Seat REmakeover

Keep'n it real today folks by sharing the what were we thinking DIY REmakeover of our Bedroom Built-In Window Seat.  This is a prime example of mistakenly putting form before function.

This is what it looks like now, after remodifying it.

DIY Bedroom Window Seat REmakeover

It's hard to see the subtle changes but these little tweaks made a world of difference to the comfort, aesthetic, and function of this space.  You can find my original Building A Bookcase And Window Seat post HERE.

But first let's go back to the very beginning so you can get a good idea of where we started, where we were going, and how we finally came up with a better design.

Before DIY bedroom window seat REmakeover

Can we say, U G L Y!  At the time, I thought the sponge painted wall was the cat's meow.  All I can do is laugh when I look at that picture.  Okay, moving on...

We have a large yard with mature trees that backs onto a green belt and so this side of the house has the best view. Since taking possession in the late 90's I had envisioned a larger window in the master bedroom with a window seat to enjoy the beautiful view.

Finally, two summers ago that dream was realized.  The challenge, however, was that being a home built in the 60's, the bedroom has a small footprint and adding a window seat would take up some valuable real estate.

First DIY Attempt at a Custom Window Seat

Quite the difference, right!  But unfortunately, being hyper-focused on getting that much-anticipated window seat, I lead with my heart and told my head to take a vacation.

We made the window seat narrow to accommodate a 36" space between it and the bed.

DIY Window Seat too narrow

The other challenge was that the closet door is immediate to the right of the window so we had to allow room to open the closet doors.  Having only an 18-inch depth to work with, we decided to build open shelving.

DIY bedroom built in unit before modification

The problem with the original design

Problem 1:

Either that bench shrunk or I grew!  Relaxing with a good book wasn't so pleasant when one butt cheek was hanging overboard.

Problem 2:

We were lucky to fit two pillows in what was suppose to be valuable storage under the seat. 

DIY Bedroom Window Seat inadequate storage

Problem 3:

This one really embarrasses me but I'm going to share it anyway.  We cut a hole in the back of the bench to access the electrical plug.  You can imagine the challenge plugging something into a socket with THE LID CLOSED. 

Problem 4:

I didn't like the disjointed transition between the raised base of the bench and the fitted base of the small shelving unit.  Also, I didn't like the choppy look of the bench ending before the window. 

The solution:

We took it all apart and started over with a much better plan.

Removed old DIY Bedroom Window Seat

Plan 1:  Move the Electrical Outlet above the bench for easy access

Moving electrical outlet above DIY Bedroom Window Seat

Plan 2:  Increase the depth of the window seat

Moving the bed over about 6-inches and finding a narrower night table on the left side of the bed for adequate flow (pun intended) between the bed and the master bathroom, in order to accommodate a deeper window seat. 

DIY Bedroom Window Seat

Plan 3:  Construct the seat with adequate storage underneath

DIY Bedroom Window Seat with Storage

Rather than bulky 2" x 4" construction like before, the seat was built using a sheet of pine plywood. Up until typing that last sentence, I hadn't realized the reference to building a pine box. Now that I took a closer look at the picture, dang it looks like one.  All it needs is the handles!

Trying to get that image out of my head *insert rapid head shaking here*.

Plan 4:  Open shelving below seat

Open shelving on DIY Bedroom Window Seat

I still wanted open shelving on this end but wanted the base to replicate the seat.  I also wanted the top to be flush with the seat for a seamless cushioned top the entire 7-foot length of the window.

You may be wondering why we didn't angle the top so it is flush with the lid of the seat?  The angle was too sharp and didn't look pleasing to the eye.

DIY Bedroom Window Seat

No more sagging butt!

Two inch foam for DIY Bedroom Window Seat

A two-inch foam was cut with a serrated bread knife to follow the profile of the entire unit.

Another Challenge - Finding the right fabric

Thank goodness Fabricland had a huge sale - we're talking 75% discount kind of sale - because it took three attempts to find the right fabric.  The two rejected fabrics will be used in upcoming furniture makeovers so they won't go to waste.

Fabric for DIY Bedroom Window Seat

Open Shelving under DIY Bedroom Window Seat

I didn't have enough fabric to make piping around the edges, but I'm okay with that - less work.  As it was I must've taken this crazy cushion apart three times before getting that angle right (keeping it real some more).

DIY Bedroom Window Seat REmakeover

One of these days I'll get around to posting a tutorial on how I made the throw pillows.  I'm also making a long pillow rest against the back of the bookcase for back and neck support.

Now that the seat fits, I plan on spending quality time catching up on the stack of unread books collecting on the bookcase.

I often get readers commenting and asking about my sewing and upholstery skills.  I am a self-taught novice who has learned from books and online classes.  Below are a few easy to follow at your own leisure classes that you might find helpful.  I've taken several classes from Craftsy and have yet to be disappointed.  In fact, I'm almost finished the Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs class.  *includes affiliate links

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