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How To Recycle A Headboard With An Embossed Leather Seat | The Interior Frugalista

January 28, 2016

How To Recycle A Headboard With An Embossed Leather Seat

My plan for this project was to build a leather ottoman. When Mr. Frugalista (a.k.a. my furniture buyer) came home with this twin headboard set that he found from a local collectibles dealer, I knew it would make a perfect Recycled Headboard Bench with Embossed Leather Hide Seat.

Headboard Bench with embossed leather seat

This is what the set used to look like.  I just loved the raised details on both the headboard and footboard.

Twin Headboard and footboard before

Materials List

Twin Headboard and Footboard set
2" x 3" lumber
3/4-inch plywood
3/4" x 4" MDF trim
2-inch high-density foam
Embossed upholstery leather hide
#18 Denim sewing needle
Quilters Gütermann thread
Chalk paint in the color Arles
Clear and Dark wax
3-inch 2-inch wood screws
Countersink drill bit
1/8-inch drill bit
#8 Robertson Screw bit
1 1/4" brad nails

Power Tools Used

Table Saw
Mitre Saw
Brad Nail Gun
Staple Gun
Sewing Machine

The first order of business was to slice that footboard in half with a table saw.  Except ours was in the shed and the path to the shed is knee deep in snow.  So we improvised by using a jigsaw.  I marked the center with tape.  The tape also helps the wood from chipping from the jigsaw blade.  Can you tell by the grin on my face that I'm having fun!

Cutting a footboard in half for a headboard bench

Next up was building a frame for the seat using 2" x 3" lumber.  You can see the measurement of ours in the picture below.

Building a frame for the headboard bench seat

The height of the seat before adding the cushion is 16-inches so we drew a line on the headboard and attached the frame, checking that it was straight with a level.

In order for the footboard sides to fit flush onto the headboard, we had to fill the recessed parts of the headboard frame with pieces of plywood and 2" x 3" blocks of wood. We Mr. Frugalista ended up dragging the table saw out of the shed after all, to make these cuts.

Headboard frame built out to accommodate bench seat

Next we lined up each footboard flush with both the back of the headboard frame and to the side of the seat frame.  Using 2-inch wood screws, the sides were attached.

Bench seat attached to the headboard frame

Wood filler to fill in gaps and screw holes on the Headboard Bench

Wood filler was used to fill in any gaps, screw holes, nicks, and scratches. MDF trim was attached using a brad nailer to the front 2" x 3" board to dress it up.  I had a picture but accidentally deleted it.

Now my favorite part, adding the pretty.

Like chairs, painting benches are a lot of work.  To speed up the process I used my HomeRight Finish Max Pro paint sprayer and applied four thin coats of diluted chalk paint in the color Arles.

Headboard bench painted with chalk paint in the color Arles

I lightly distressed the bench using 180-grit sandpaper.  To add depth to the color and inject some rustic charm, I waxed the bench with both clear and dark wax.

Instead of applying a coat of clear wax first followed by dark wax, I blended the two waxes together on a paper plate using an Artist Pallet Knife.  Working in sections, I applied the wax using a wax brush and wiped away the excess with a lint-free cloth.

Headboard bench aged with clear and dark wax

I love how the dark wax rests in all the crevices and joints of the bench.

Headboard bench with dark wax inside the details

*Portions of this post were sponsored as I was given free product to complete this project.

Time for some upholstery!  A 2-inch piece of high-density foam and a 3/4" piece of plywood was cut to fit the seat.  The foam was attached to the plywood with spray adhesive.

Plywood and 2 inch foam used on the headboard bench seat

This is where that gorgeous piece of Embossed Western Tool Upholstery Leather Hide from the Leather Hide Store came in.  Isn't it gorgeous!

Embossed Western Tool Upholstery Leather Hide on the headboard bench seat

We laid the seat onto the leather hide and cut it to size so it would wrap around the foam and onto the back of the wood. Using white chalk, I drew the four corners and cut a small dart where the two ends should meet when sewing the corners.

Using a #18 Denim Needle and Quilters Gütermann thread, I sewed each corner together and cut off the excess for a snug fit over the foam.

Corners on leather hide Headboard Bench Seat sewn together

The hide slipped over the foam like a glove!  We pulled it taut and stapled it to the back of the plywood.  The seat was attached to the bench from underneath with 3-inch wood screws.

Embossed leather hide upholstered seat on headboard bench

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Recycled Headboard Bench with embossed leather seat

Recycled Headboard with Embossed Leather Seat

I had some fun with some of the leftover pieces of leather hide.

Banner from leftover leather hide from headboard bench

I want to thank the good folks at the Leather Hide Store for supplying the beautiful Western Tool Embossed Leather Hide for this piece.

How to recycle a twin headboard with a leather upholstered seat

How would you use a piece of upholstery leather hide?  Do you have a project in mind that would look fabulous in leather?

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As I mentioned earlier, part of this post was sponsored by the Leather Hide Store by providing the embossed upholstery leather hide for this project.  All opinions, project inspiration, and words are 100% that of my own.  I only share items that I think will bring value to my readers.  See my disclosure policy.

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