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From Headboard to Dining Bench | The Interior Frugalista

June 2, 2015

From Headboard to Dining Bench

At last the final piece of thrift store furniture we scored for our Dining Room Makeover is finished! Last year we purchased a few headboards and footboards, few of which went with one another, with the intention of turning them into outdoor benches. Unfortunately fortunately we could only find four chairs to go with our thrift score dining table and decided a bench would be perfect in our dining room instead.

Headboard and Footboard transformed into a dining bench

Here is what they looked like before...

Headboard and footboard before transformed into a dining bench

Headboard Before transformation

Sorry I forgot we were arguing so much about how it should be done that I didn't get pictures during the process, so I won't be sharing a detailed tutorial here.  I did manage to take one photo between arguments so I'll provide a brief description of how we built it below...

How we turned a footboard and headboard into a dining bench

We sliced the footboard in half on the table saw and then determined the depth of the bench and cut more off each piece accordingly to accommodate that depth. Then we established the height of the seat and attached a piece of 2" x 3" lumber onto the headboard to support the seat. We drilled pilot holes into the headboard uprights where the footboard halves would be attached and screwed together from the back.

Again using 2" x 3" lumber we continued the seat support by essentially building a rectangular frame. The sides of the frame were attached to each half of the footboard (clamps are an essential tool during this step) along with making sure everything is squared up and level. Once we had our base a sheet of plywood was cut to fit the seat but not yet attached.

I swore I took a picture of the bench before I added the pretty but I can't find it on any of my devices. I hope between the photo above and the one below you get an idea of how it was constructed.

Headboard and Footboard after being turned into a dining bench

We glued 2" high density foam onto the plywood seat, wrapped it with batting, and upholstered it in the same fabric used on our Duncan Phyfe Chairs. It was secured in place onto the frame (remember that rectangle I talked about earlier) with screws from the bottom of the bench.

Headboard and Footboard dining bench upholstery

I painted the bench with a 50:50 ratio of Old White and Pure White chalk paint and rolled it on with a 6" foam brush for a smooth finish to make the job go much quicker (it took three coats).  With 80 grit sandpaper I distressed all the edges and finished up with a coat of clear wax.  To make buffing the wax much quicker and easier I used a drill buffing wheel (used for polishing wax on cars) - works like a dream!

Headboard and Footboard Dining Bench with distressing

I normally hand paint graphics onto my furniture pieces but when I found this fabulous French Typography DecoArt stencil at Michaels it was a no brainer!  I used slightly diluted chalk paint in the color Graphite.

French Typography on a headboard and footboard dining bench transformation

I would normally apply the stencil in the center both horizontally and vertically but because this bench would be sitting against the wall in our dining room with the table in front of it I applied the stencil towards the top so it would be visible.

Thrift Store Headboard Bench, Duncan Phyfe Table and Chairs After transformation

I love how the fabric picks up the dark brown in the table top.

Headboard and footboard dining bench

Dining Bench made from a headboard and footboard

I'm thrilled with how it looks in the room.

Thrift Store Headboard Bench in dining room

I sewed a table runner with the leftover fabric.

Table runner sewn from leftover upholstery fabric

I have one more headboard and footboard waiting to be transformed but that one will definitely be going outdoors in our back yard.

In case you missed it, you can see how we transformed A Thrift Store Duncan Phyfe Table.

Or how we transformed Thrift Store Duncan Phyfe Chairs.

I hope our Thrift Store Headboard Dining Bench has inspired you to rethink those headboards you see piled up in the corner of your neighborhood thrift store.

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