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Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Insert With Real Logs | The Interior Frugalista

Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Insert With Real Logs

Hi guys, remember last week I shared how I tweaked a Vintage Sideboard that I was having trouble selling?  I'm happy to report that it worked - I have viewings scheduled for this week!

I'm embarrassed to admit keeping it real, I had one other piece that just wasn't moving.  A Faux Fireplace that we upcycled from a vintage headboard.  My guess wasn't moving because I was selling it without candles or an insert.  Perhaps it was difficult to image what to put inside or too time-consuming to shop for something suitable.

So I took care of that problem with an Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Insert With Real Logs.

DIY Real Log Faux Fireplace Insert

This is the headboard before we upcycled it into a Faux Fireplace.

Vintage Headboard before upcycled into a faux fireplace

Those of you in my age group will probably remember, or had one growing up, a headboard like this with the sliding cubby doors.  This one is extra special because it has pretty stained glass doors.

If you missed my post where I share how we transformed the headboard you can see it here Faux Fireplace.

The How To
We foraged through the wood pile in our back yard to find some logs that stacked well together.

Wood Piles = Mice

Mice = Screaming Woman Running Down The Street

Thankfully no mouse was found in the making of this firelog insert!

Assembling logs to make a faux fireplace insert

After we found the perfect log configuration we flipped the stack upside down and screwed them all together using 8 x 2" construction screws.

The logs are from an old tree that fell down in our backyard this Spring during an unwelcomed snow storm.  The cut ends of each log were still green so I aged them with "giggle juice".  I always have a batch at the ready in a sealed container.

Giggle Juice Recipe:
Grade #0000 Steel Wool soaked in apple cider vinegar.
Apply using a sponge or brush.
Reapply until you reach the desired aged appearance.

Next we burrowed holes into the logs to insert glass votive candleholders using a 2 1/2" Hole Saw Bit attached to the drill.

Creating holes in the logs to hold glass votive candleholders

For safety reasons, I placed battery operated tea lights into each holder.

Real Log Insert with votive tea lights for a Faux Fireplace

I like the juxtaposition of the faux fireplace with real fire logs.

Real Log fireplace insert for a faux fireplace using battery operated tealight candles

One side of the faux fireplace...

Left side of Faux Fireplace with Real Fire Log Insert

...and the other side.

Left side of Faux Fireplace with Real Log Insert

So which picture do you think makes this fireplace more sellable?

A)  How it was listed the first time with a notice that accessories were not included?
Cancelled Faux Fireplace Listing

B)  How it will be listed the second time?
New Faux Fireplace Listing

Here it is with the candles glowing...

DIY Faux Fireplace with Real Log DIY Insert

With Fall being right around the corner I am hoping this will sell soon.

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