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April 2, 2015

From Headboard to Faux Fireplace

Hey guys, today I'm sharing a fun project Mr. Frugalista and I have been working on. Several months ago I saw this nifty headboard tucked behind several others in a corner of our favorite thrift store. The stained glass caught my eye and when we dug it out from the pile I knew it was going home with me.

Headboard transformed into a faux fireplace

The moment I set eyes on this piece I didn't see a headboard...what I saw was a faux fireplace! Here is what it looked like when we brought it home.

Headboard before makeover

Remember these?  My sister and I had one similar growing up but without the cool stained glass.  She used to hide wads of chewing gum in the cubby on her side and mine was full of V.C. Andrews books.  Remember Flowers In The Attic?

I digress...ahem...back to the fireplace.  The first thing we did was mark the center opening on the front support and carefully cut it using a skill saw (I would recommend using a jig saw).  Then we framed in the box using "good 1-side" plywood and added a bottom plate the same width and depth as the existing top.  

Headboard during transformation into a faux fireplace

Next we added MDF trim to the front of the fireplace echoing the trim on the stained glass sliders.

Headboard turned Faux Fireplace after being trimmed

Initially we added a hardboard back to the fireplace box only and kept the original upper back. We changed our minds because I wanted a finished look so we removed both and added one large piece of 1/8" hardboard to cover the entire back.

Back of faux fireplace

The fireplace was primed with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer (the only primer I use in the workshop).

Headboard now Faux Fireplace after first coat of primer

It was painted with two coats of Old White Chalk Paint. Using a sanding block I distressed the edges revealing some of the wood beneath. Because this is a faux fireplace I used clear wax to protect it. If it was operational, I would have used Tough Coat or Polyurethane to protect the finish because wax would not withstand the heat.

Faux Fireplace painted with Old White chalk paint and distressed

Mr. Frugalista found a mirror that fit the opening perfectly for $17.00. Using 2 x 2 lumber he attached them to all four sides of the back of the fireplace box. This gave him something solid to glue the mirror onto using silicone. After it was cured he ripped MDF trim on the table saw into 1 3/4" wide pieces to frame the front of the mirror. These were attached with construction adhesive.

Mirror added to opening of Faux Fireplace after transformed from a headboard

And that's how we turned a MCM Headboard into a Pretty Faux Fireplace!

Headboard turned into a Faux Fireplace After

Here's a close-up of the trim we added to the front.

Trim around Faux Fireplace opening

...and one of the pretty stained glass sliders.

Stained Glass Sliding Windows on Faux Fireplace transformed from a headboard

Headboard now a faux fireplace

Faux Fireplace After being transformed from a headboard

I wish I had a room to fit this fireplace in our house but I don't so it's for sale in my Etsy Shop.  If you're interested press the FOR SALE tab up top for more information.



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