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Change The Color NOT The Upholstery (A Painted Wing Chair) | The Interior Frugalista

April 21, 2015

Change The Color NOT The Upholstery (A Painted Wing Chair)

Do you have an upholstered piece of furniture that is still in great condition but dislike the fabric?

Does your budget, like mine, not accommodate having it reupholstered?

Covering it with a slipcover is one option but did you know you can paint the upholstery?

Wing Chair Upholstery Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

We purchased this wing chair at an auction several years ago and it's been the go-to chair in our living room. No longer feeling the 90's burgundy color, I looked into the cost of having the chair reupholstered. Well, that option went out the window. Pictured below is what the chair used to look like...

Wing Chair Before being painted

Not feeling confident nor brave enough to tackle the reupholstery myself, I opted for an easier update with a linen red ticking striped slipcover. While it made an improvement, I was constantly retucking and adjusting the fabric after someone sat in the chair.

I contemplated altering the slipcover for a snugger fit or sewing a custom one but that just felt too overwhelming. Besides, the slipcover was looking washed out as we incorporated more white into our living and dining room.

Slipcovered Wing Chair Before Painting Upholstery

If you've been following my blog you may remember that I painted a French Provincial Chair
from gold to white a few months ago. I also painted an Antique French Provincial Armchair for a client last December.

Considering the fabric on this wing chair was still in very good condition, I decided painting the upholstery would be the most economic option. Enter the color Emperor's Silk by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™.

Close up of wing chair after being chalk painted

I love how the burgundy fabric combined with the dark red gave the chair pink undertones; not too pink and not too red. The color works fabulously with the reds already in the room along with the lime green accents.

Here is a close up of the color...

Wing Chair painted with Emperors Silk Chalk Paint

These pictures were taken before applying a coat of clear wax which will deepen the color and soften the fabric to feel like leather. I'm still waiting for the upholstery to completely dry before starting that process.

From Burgundy to Light Red Chalk Painted Wing Chair

It took five coats to get rid of the burgundy and having to wait for 24-hours between coats made it a time-consuming makeover but so worth it.

Supplies for chalk painting upholstery

How To Chalk Paint Upholstery

I've used regular paint brushes in the past but my personal preference for upholstery is using my small round Annie Sloan™ brush.
  1. Work in sections.
  2. Use a spray bottle to dampen (not saturate) the fabric as you work in sections.
  3. Have a pail of lukewarm water at your side.
  4. First, dip the tips of your brush into the water and then dip them into the paint.
  5. Apply long even strokes moving sideways and up and down for even coverage.
  6. Continue steps 1-5 until the entire surface has been painted.
  7. Wait for at least 12-hours between coats.
  8. Allow the upholstery to dry completely (it may take a few days).
  9. Using a white lint free cloth or a wax brush (my preference) apply a light coat of clear wax.
  10. Wipe off the excess wax without buffing. The goal is to soften the fabric but not leave a sheen.
Wing Chair Makeover using chalk paint

Chalk painted wing chair AFTER

I'm quite pleased with the transformation and it only cost the price of a can of paint.

Chalk painted wing chair and ottoman

A Chalk Painted Wing Chair Before and After

I hope this has inspired you to attempt painting upholstery. On Thursday I'll have the reveal of Phase Two of our dining room makeover.

Until then... 
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