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Update on Painted French Provincial Chair {What I Ended Up Doing} | The Interior Frugalista

March 5, 2015

Update on Painted French Provincial Chair {What I Ended Up Doing}

Hey guys, thanks to your awesome feedback I put the finishing touches on the French Provincial Chair that I shared with you last week.  The consensus was that I should leave the chair As Is and add some decorative upholstery tacks around the curve of the front legs. The other suggestion was that I add a pillow with a pop of color. As soon as I read those two suggestions I knew that was exactly what this chair needed.

French Provincial Chair Update

Here it is as you all saw it last week after being chalk painted.  In case you missed that post, you can see it HERE.

French Provincial Chair with chalk painted upholstery

Well I don't call myself the Interior Frugalista for nothing. Remembering I had leftover fabric from the Kitchen Window Roman Shade that I made using an extra drapery panel from the living room. There's my pop of color!

Using leftover fabric from a roman shade for a DIY toss pillow

Then I remembered I had some leftover fabric from the Master Bedroom Faux Roman Shade that I made from drapery panels.  Perfect to use for piping on this pillow!

Using leftover fabric from a Faux Roman Shade for piping on a DIY toss pillow

While going through my stash I found some leftover clothesline cord that I used to make piping on the Bench Seat Cushion in the master bedroom. Low and behold what should be laying on the bottom of that stash but the perfect size pillow form. Happy dance was a happening in my basement storage room!

Supplies from around the house to make a DIY toss pillow

Out came the sewing machine and I got to work.

Sewing piping for a DIY Toss Pillow

It took all of 15 minutes and zero...let me repeat...zero dollars to make. Mission 1 accomplished - A pop of color for our French Provincial Chair!

DIY Toss Pillow for a pop of color on a Painted French Provincial Chair

It wasn't until after I took the pictures that I realized the crease in the fabric. Note to self: steam pillow!

Now onto Mission #2 - Adding Upholstery Tacks To The Chair.  I had some leftover from the Guest Bedroom Upholstered Headboard that we made.

Our living room is accented with silver and so I thought these would be perfect. NOT! Far too masculine for this chair. I could have gone online and purchased some much prettier and daintier tacks but that would require patience to await their arrival. Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with, ask Mr. Frugalista.

I had these pretty self-adhesive pearl stickers leftover from the Pier I Inspired Cone Christmas Trees I made during the holidays.  They come in strips so they were easy to line up and a little hot glue secured them in place.

Using Pearl Stickers to trim a French Provincial Chair

I think they're perfect!

Close up photo of Pearl Stickers used as trim on a French Provincial Chair

Here is a close up of both the pearls and the pillow.

DIY Toss Pillow for color and Pearl Stickers to trim a French Provincial Chair

I'm loving how the chair looks in our living room.

A French Provincial Chair After a makeover

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions.  I knew you'd come up with the perfect solution!

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