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February 23, 2014

Neoclassical Style Side Table

Mr. Frugalista surprised me one day with a Neoclassical Style Side Table that he found on Kijiji.  He bought it from someone who was selling their grandmother's belongings and I have no idea how old it is.  It was in terrible condition but had such gorgeous details that I knew with some TLC it could be transformed into something pretty.
Neoclassical style side table after makeover
Needing to break free from my Proven├že rut Love, I painted this table in Paris Grey and Louis Blue ASCP Chalk Paint.  

The table top had been slathered in a thick brown gel stain. I had already removed a couple of layers when I realized that I hadn't taken a Before Picture.  

Neoclassical Style Side Table before makeover

I was thrilled to discover the top had an inlaid wood finish beneath all the gunk!  

Neoclassical Style Side Table with inlaid wood underneath

After I carefully removed all the stain and gave it a light sand using the mouse sander, I got to the task of filling in the nicks and scratches on the legs.  Look at those pretty metal tapered arrow feet!

Neoclassical Style Side Table tapered arrow feet

At this point I still hadn't a clue how I was going to make this table over but I knew for sure I wanted to gild those adorable feet in silver.  I gave them a bit of a sanding to reveal some of the gold underneath.

Neoclassical Style Side Table with tapered arrow feet gilded in silver

Then I decided to gild the grooves in the fluted legs silver as well and thats when I knew the legs needed to be painted in Paris Grey.  After the paint dried I thought it was pretty but needed more somethin somethin but I didn't want to go with a high contrast.  I decided a soft Louis Blue would compliment the Paris Grey quite nicely.

Neoclassical Style Side Table with fluted legs

There was no way I was going to paint over the inlaid wood so I painted the parameter in Paris Grey.  I wasn't liking how the Paris Grey looked against the natural wood so I decided to leave the sides grey and painted around the inlay in Louis Blue.  Much better!

I then applied several coats of Lemon Oil onto the inlay with a foam brush and let absorb overnight.  

When I came back into the workshop the following morning I stood over the table while enjoying my morning java and decided it was begging for a graphic.  So off to the Graphics Fairy website I went and found one that I thought would be perfect.

Neoclassical Style Side Table with painted French Graphic

Using carbon paper behind my graphic I traced over all the details on the paper with a pen, pressing hard enough that the image would transfer onto the wood.  Then using a Black Paint Pen I traced over the details and voila! I was worried the paint wouldn't take to the oiled surface but it worked like a charm!

After the paint dried for a few hours I gave the entire table a coat of clear wax.  Then I gave all the painted surfaces some dark wax and wiped away the excess.  The following day I buffed the entire table with my handy dandy horse hair shoe brush and declared the makeover complete.

Neoclassical Style Side Table painted in Paris Grey and Louis Blue chalk paint.

When I went to put it in my furniture holding cell Guest Bedroom to await a buyer I realized how perfect it looked in the space.  Dang, now I can't part with it!   

Neoclassical Style Side Table in guest bedroom after makeover

Oh well, I wasn't madly in love with the table I had in there so I'm going to tweak it's makeover and sell it instead.

Okay, here's another look at the table because I'd love your help...

Neoclassical Style Side Table

I've been doing a lot of research to find out what decade (I realize we're not talk'n century here) it was made in.  I'm also trying to find out what style it would be classified under.  It certainly has a lot of Hepplewhite features (reproduction of course).  Anybody have any ideas?




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