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Summer Tour of the Interior Frugalista's Home

~Hello and welcome~

My name is Marie and I am The Interior Frugalista.  Like the others on this Summer Tour, I am a consummate DIYer who loves the challenge of decorating on a budget.  My motto is that if I can paint it, sew it, or build it, then living on a budget will not stop me from creating a home I can be proud of.

Before we begin the tour I would like to thank Gina of The Shabby Creek Cottage for giving us the opportunity to join the Summer Tour!  Being a newbie on the blogger scene, I have to admit I'm feeling very shy about posting my tour. There are some beautiful blogs and amazingly talented DIYers out there! I am inspired by their creative genius to say the least.  So I bravely begin the tour of my our humble abode...

We purchased this home with the intention of living in it for a couple of years until we could find "a more suitable" home. Well here we are 15 years later!  After a lot of DIY sweat equity, we can honestly say this has become our "suitable" home.  Our home is my art canvas and like pages in a book, every room tells a story!

~Lets begin the tour in our kitchen~

This is what it looked like for several years. It felt like we were preparing meals inside a wooden box! In fact, it didn't have a dishwasher when we moved in. I had to give up valuable cabinet real estate to accommodate one but there was no way in H E Double Hockey Sticks this Mama was handwashing dishes!

I painstakingly...and when I say this I mean it literally as I was on crutches when I stained and painted the cabinets.  Determination is one of my strong suits!  
On the opposite wall stood this china cabinet. Our kitchen has a small footprint and we desperately lacked storage, counter space, and a spot to enjoy our morning coffee. The obvious choice would have been to get rid of the china cabinet and install a bank of custom cabinets. Ahh, but never underestimate the power of the DIYer...especially one on a budget!
To the drawing board I went and came up with this alternative...

Hello storage, counter space, and breakfast bar!  We repurposed the upper section of our china cabinet by attaching it to a base that we built with three tall cubbies and adjustable shelves. The lower portion was modified somewhat to accommodate a small island. The granite was found during the dead of winter on a cold -20C day in the yard of a cabinet shop. I sacrificed some storage to accommodate the small recessed wine fridge but it has been a decision we don't regret.

Where the island sits was once a wall that we happily took a sledgehammer to. The hardwood floors were purchased at an auction and we were able to cover the entire main floor for under $3000.00. Oh I love me an auction!

~Next on the tour is our living room~

This was the focal point of our living room. It was a beauty when we purchased it in the mid 80's but had seen it's better days!
And here it is now!  
We salvaged most of the middle section and used it for additional shelves and trim on the bookcases. 

The wing chair was purchased for a song at an auction. I recently slip covered it in linen as it was a dark cranberry colour.

The upholstered ottoman was a fun DIY build.  Here is a close up shot of her...

~Lets move on to the master bedroom shall we~

I don't think there is a surface in this room that hasn't been transformed! The wall was my first attempt at applying an all over stencil. You can read all about my stencil antics here.
Our proudest project in this room is the headboard which was an old 5-panel door before I got my hands on her. The round table, small desk, and lamps have all been painted over the years. Of course they were purchased for a song at discount stores and antique malls.

Here's another vantage point in the room. The dresser was one of my first purchases in the late 70's and had a makeover once before in the 80's.

~Lets cross the hall to the home office~

I wanted the energy of my office to be a little funky. The retractable sewing table received a makeover recently with chalk paint and silver leafing. You can see how her missing limb was recreated here.  The picture hanging above her was one I drew many years ago.  The polka dot chair was our first attempt at upholstery. The drum shade came from the dining room (which is currently receiving a makeover (hence the reason it is not included in the tour).

~Now to the basement laundry room~

It was transformed for under $500.00!
Somebody has to support my Starbucks addiction!
Oh how I hated laundry day but not anymore!

~Well that's the end of the tour~  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit. I'd love to have you over again to see the rest of the house - perhaps another time. Maybe I'll serve Strawberry Margaritas or a cold glass of lemonade from the outdoor bar currently under construction.

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