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A welcoming banister! | The Interior Frugalista

June 3, 2013

A welcoming banister!

Remember my post (pardon the pun) about this?
I found this lonely banister in a bin at Home Reuseables, where I treasure dived for the 5-panel door that I transformed into a headboard.{http://www.interiorfrugalista.com/2013/05/its-not-door-anymore.html}
As soon as I saw her we bonded and I knew what she wanted to be.

First her pretty details were painted with two coats of chalk paint in Graphite.  Then the rest of her received a couple coats of white exterior latex paint.  To protect her loveliness exterior polyurethane was applied all over. 

Then onto the business of making a reverse stencil.  I drew grid lines with a straight edge onto the stencil sheets so when the individual letters and their backing were cut out, they would be uniform in height for easy application.

Like this!  Once I got the letters lined up the way I wanted them, I held them in place with painters tape.  Then I placed a strip of tape across all the pieces of tape to make the word easy to move onto the sign in one piece.

I had my husband router a piece of wood and then I painted the front with two coats of chalk paint in Graphite.  Once the paint was dry I marked both the horizontal and vertical center of the sign in pencil.  I transferred my strip of letters over and lined them up with my center marks.

Flipping each letter up one-by-one, I cut the backing of the stencil to the half way mark and carefully applied each letter onto the wood.  I then removed the tape and carefully repeated the process to the upper portion of each letter.

 VoilĂ !

I rolled two coats of white exterior latex paint over the stencils and sign front. After dry enough to the touch I carefully...operative word being "carefully", lifted a corner of each letter using a craft knife and removed the stencils. Don't wait for the paint to be completely dry before lifting the stencils.

Using a fine grit sandpaper block, I lightly sanded the sign to remove any raised spots. To add a little pizazz I placed a couple of cute self-adhesive appliques to the corners.

To give the sign more depth, I used a ruler and a black fine point permanent marker (don't trust my painting skills enough for this task) to apply shadow lines. Once the ink was dry I applied two coats of polyurethane over the entire sign, front and back.

Such a cute little addition to our front entrance!
The black bracket was a dollar store find. I drilled a couple of holes into the bottom of the bracket as well as the top of the wood sign (lining the holes up of course) to accommodate the plastic coated wire I used to hang it with. The solar post light will continue to welcome guests after dark.
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