Officially taken over the "Man Cave" | The Interior Frugalista: Officially taken over the "Man Cave"
Officially taken over the "Man Cave" | The Interior Frugalista

Officially taken over the "Man Cave"

Surprisingly, I haven't heard any gripping from the man of the house since The Interior Frugalista made her mark on the Man Cave!

I found this forgotten, faded, spider web encrusted relic in the back of the shed.  As soon as I laid eyes on it I knew what I wanted to do.

I painted the entire sign in Graphite chalk paint. Then I painted the tool handles in Emperor's Red chalk paint.  Not having any milk or chalk paint in the green colour scheme of my Blog, I mixed a batch of Sturbridge White and Upper Canada Green milk paint until I got a close match.  I applied two coats and distressed it with sandpaper until some of the Graphite underneath was revealed.  

Off to the computer and using Microsoft Word, I re-created my logo to fit the sign. I traced over the text using a ballpoint pen, etching the surface of the wood.  I found it difficult to see the etching (even with my reading glasses) - the down side of aging!

So I taped a piece of carbon paper to the back and retraced the text onto the wood.  Perfect solution!

Then I painstakingly...let me repeat...PAINSTAKINGLY traced the letters with white paint using a fine tip art brush.  This is when I discovered painting fine detail is not my Forté!  I patiently removed the paint (it had already started to dry) and repeated the milk paint process to clear the slate.

I thought I was being a sneaky little devil when I ran over to Michael's and purchased fine tip paint pens.  Ha, now it'll be easy...WRONG!  The tip was too large for the intricate font.  Back to clearing the slate with milk paint!  

Did I mention patience isn't one of my strong suits!  Back to the fine tip art brush and diluting the Wicker White acrylic craft paint (leftover from my bedroom wall stencil project) so it wouldn't clump like my first attempt.  Okay, I give myself an "A" for effort!

The next step was applying a shadow *sigh*.  Using the fine tip art brush seemed far too overwhelming so I cheated and used a gray coloured permanent marker. Ha, it worked!  Well sort of...noticed I haven't included a close-up picture!

I applied a coat of clear soft wax to the entire sign to protect it but also to make the colours pop, which is one of the things I love about using wax.

Any of you expert graphic painters out there have any tips you could offer?

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