A Basement Workshop Tour - she ain't pretty but she's functional!

When sharing process photos in my furniture makeover posts, I often receive questions about my workspace. Questions like what are those pringle containers on the top shelf? Is that plastic thing hanging on the wall full of furniture knobs? Did you paint the pegboard? How do you organize your furniture stencils? Today I'm hoping to answer those questions in this basement workshop tour where I share creative storage, organization and workspace solutions.

Basement Workshop Tour

Basement Workshop Tour With Helpful Organization Tips

When you're a DIYer and don't have a garage (and building one isn't an option), carving valuable square footage from the basement becomes a priority.

She ain't pretty but she's functional!

In late December, while Mr. Frugalista was home on Christmas break, I decided to take advantage of the extra set of hands and have him help me get our basement workshop organized. I couldn't take rummaging through plastic shoe boxes and bins to find a screwdriver or pliers and any longer. So off to the Home Depot we went to get a few sheets of pegboard. The pegboard hooks and hangers we already had, no surprise, in a plastic shoe box.

Disclosure: I've included affiliate links in this post so you can find some of the items I used or recommend for workshop storage solutions. See my disclosure policy.

Workshop pegboard storage solutions

Basement Workshop Tour Painted Pegboard

Using leftover paint from our son's bedroom (he is grown and a homeowner himself), we spray painted the pegboard for a punch of bold color to energize this space and make it a pleasant room to work in.

Basement Workshop Tour Pegboard Tool Organization

I can't tell you how nice it is to have all the hand tools and paint brushes hanging where I can see them.

Basement Workshop Tour Organization

Workshop stencil storage

I use the pegboard for stencil storage too by hanging them on a long pegboard hook. Since taking this picture I improved the stencil storage even more by removing the plastic packaging and hanging each individual stencil on the pegboard hook with small binder clips. So much easier because I just have to unclip the stencil I want rather than pulling them all off the hook to get the one I want.

Basement Workshop Tour Stencil Storage

Workshop shipping prep station

At the end of the wall-to-wall workbench, I set up a shipping station where I package small items to be shipped. Packing tape dispensers and tape on the pegboard, digital shipping scale on the workbench, and plastic totes with flip lids for shipping peanuts and bubble wrap.

Basement Workshop Tour Shipping Station

Workshop table and portable rolling seat

You can see my work table is well used by the layers and layers of paint. It's a six-foot folding table from my Dad's former classroom (he taught automotive electronics).

I'd be lost without the adjustable roller hydraulic mechanic seat seen under the worktable. When painting larger furniture, I prefer sitting at eye level and moving around the piece while I paint. Much easier on the knees than kneeling on a concrete floor.

Basement Workshop Tour Portable Worktable

Workshop parts storage

You can never have enough plastic parts drawer storage cabinets. Hanging them on a wall takes them off the workbench and allows you to go vertical with storage solutions. I use the large bins to store furniture hardware and the smaller ones for things like wood plugs, dowels, feet felt, etc.

On top of the white plastic, storage cart is something I could not live without in the workshop. When I'm working here my portable bluetooth speaker is blasting 70's rock (I'm dating myself). Chances are if you try phoning or ringing the doorbell while I'm in the workshop, I won't hear it over the blasting music.

Basement Workshop Tour Drawer Storage Options

Workshop DIY Paper Roll Storage

If you've been following this blog long enough you probably know how I like to line drawers with paper. I used to stack the wallpaper or wrapping paper rolls on top of one another on a shelf that collected dust. Mr. Frugalista came up with the clever idea of inverting two large garbage cans together and securing them with duct tape.

On the top garbage can, he made a swing lid by cutting the bottom and securing it with nylon zip ties for hinges. It works like a charm! Here are some ready-made gift wrap storage bin options.

Basement Workshop Tour DIY Rolled Paper Bin

Workshop repurposed bookcase storage

My chalk paint used to be stored stacked three cans deep and one on top of the other. A real pain when you wanted the can at the bottom back. A repurposed bookcase made all my painting supplies easier to access.

The metal file cabinet beside it holds small stencils, graphics, and decals on hanging folders. I store paint chips, paint and stain brochures, and power tool manuals here too.

Basement Workshop Tour Bookcase-File Cabinet Storage

Workshop paintbrush storage

Don't throw away your large and medium-sized tin food cans - they make awesome storage for small paint and stencil brushes.

Basement Workshop Tour Paintbrush Storage

Workshop small product storage

I had nowhere to hold sample jars of paint and various paint supply containers that I use on a regular basis. We repurposed a wall mounted shelving unit that we built for our son's room years ago to house his Maisto Diecast Car collection and it gives me loads of storage.

Workshop Twine Rope Storage

Many of you asked about the containers I use to store my twine, jute, and rope (seen on the top left shelf in the photo below). Save your pringle containers and punch a hole in the center of the plastic lid. Pop the spool inside and pull the twine through the center and you'll never have run away rope again. You can make the containers pretty by wrapping paper around the cylinder.

Basement Workshop Tour DIY Wall Mount Shelving

Workshop DIY Bench

The workbenches were made by our son when he was still living at home with 2 x 4 lumber and sheets of plywood. This used to be his mountain bike repair/rebuild space - hence, the bike brand stickers you see scattered around the workshop.

Basement Workshop Tour Easy DIY Workbench

Workshop repurposed door wall-to-wall shelving

The handy shelving along the wall are repurposed bi-fold doors on metal shelf brackets that run the length of the room. They are so handy for storing power tools, etc. and so easy to build. Forgive the clutter around them in the photo below as it was taken last week during the frenzy of preparing for an outdoor market on the 23rd.

The above window shelving is 3/4-inch plywood also mounted with metal shelf brackets. They are so handy for storing scrap lumber and trim so it's out of the way. Remember - vertical storage!

Our house is a bi-level so it's great having large basement windows that bring lots of much-needed light into the room.

Basement Workshop Tour Wall-To-Wall DIY Shelving

One day I may get around to finally painting the concrete floor and replacing the ugly beat up ceiling tiles but like I said in the title of this post, she ain't pretty but she's functional!

Last but not least I have to introduce you to my Shop Assistant, Sexy Rexy. He's cute, cheap labor, and has his own salad bar but he sleeps on the job a little too much.

Basement Workshop Tour Shop Assistant

Only a consummate DIYer would give up such valuable real estate for a workshop. This space would make an amazing family room but when you don't have a garage and don't have a spot in the yard to build one, then you do what you gotta do.

If you would like to see what furniture painting supplies and tools that I can't do without in the workshop, you can find them here in the Interior Frugalista Influencer Shop on Amazon.

Basement Workshop Tour

I hope you enjoyed the basement workshop tour and found some of the storage solutions helpful. If you have any questions don't be shy and either leave a comment below or email me by pressing the Contact Me link at the top of the blog.

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  1. Oh my gosh so much neater and more organized than mine!

    1. Too funny Susan, that's because I cleaned and organized it for this post! It seems about every six months I have to STOP and reorganize to keep it looking this clean.


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