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It's not a door anymore! | The Interior Frugalista

May 23, 2013

It's not a door anymore!

Door Headboard
It all started with a trip to visit the good folks at Home Reuseables.  This is where I treasure dived (and believe me there are a lot of treasures to dive for) and came up jumping for joy when I saw this very old five panel door. 

It sat in my basement for a couple of months before the snow finally melted so we could take it outdoors and get to work.  To my delight, the transformation began a few weeks ago...

There they are again...the two drawers from my project.  Those drawers have come in handy!  But seriously, perhaps it's time to invest in a couple of saw horses.
STEP 1:  Patch the holes with Dynamic Dyna Patch.  Have I said how much I love this stuff!

STEP 2:  Cut off a few inches on either end to accommodate a queen size mattress.

STEP 3:  Building a frame on the back side using 2x4's and making a French cleat to hang the headboard on the wall.  To do this we rip-cut 2 2x4's at 45 degree angles along the centerline.  One cleat was mounted with screws onto the back of the door and the other gets mounted on the wall.  They slip into one another to form a sturdy mount so you don't have to worry about a heavy headboard come crashing on your head in the night!

STEP 4:  Building a mantle ledge.  First we installed crown moulding along the top edge of the door.  Then we measured the opening and cut a piece of wood to fit and installed decorative trim along the edge.

Here it is with mantle shelf installed!

STEP 5:  It's hard to tell in this photo put I painted the entire headboard with Behr Latex Eggshell Paint in Wedgewood Gray (the same color as the walls in the bedroom).  It's looking a little shiny because the picture was taken while the paint was wet.

STEP 6:  Next I applied two coats of Homestead House Milk Paint in Sturbridge White.  Photo was taken after the first coat.

STEP 7:  The fun part, distressing!  With fine sandpaper I removed some of the paint to reveal the Wedgewood Gray underneath.  Next I protected the piece with Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax and buffed to a smooth finish.  Then I antiqued it by rubbing Annie Sloan Dark Wax into the crevices and long the edges.

wall mount headboard
STEP 8:  Mounting the other side of the French cleat to the wall.  After a lot of head scratching and measuring we decided where we wanted it placed.  We located the studs and mounted the cleat with screws.  This baby isn't going anywhere!

Don't you just love the stenciled wall? I used the Large Chelsea Allover Stencil. For tips on wall stenciling see my post:

There she is, all ready to dress!

Door Headboard
She needed to be graced with new bedding...French script of course!  

Bonne nuit et doux rĂªves!


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