90+ Christmas Tree, Wreath and Ornament Ideas

Hello, my fellow DIY loving friends, have you started decorating for the holidays yet? Perhaps you're in need of some hall decking inspiration. Are you like me and browse the flyers or Christmas decoration aisles looking for inspiration and then create your own version that's much easier on the pocketbook?

I do it all the time. I love hanging a wreath on the mirrors in our home but I can't justify spending at least $50 per mirror per room, so I make my own. Another decorating DIY is that since becoming empty nesters, instead of a full-size tree in our basement, I create a vignette of handmade cone trees. Every year without fail I'll see another great cone tree idea and the vignette has become more like a forest. Don't even get me started on ornaments. I always hang a handmade one with the gift tags on each present.

The biggest challenge with DIY holiday decorating is finding the inspiration. Today we hope to make that easier for you with our collection of over 90 DIY Christmas Tree, Wreath, and Ornament Ideas.
90 Plus Christmas Tree-Wreath-Ornament Ideas

Over 90 DIY Christmas Tree, Wreath, And Ornament Ideas

All the ideas shared here were created by members of the All Things Creative group, blogging friends who come together each month to share creative DIY ideas. All Things Creative Group - Homemade Handmade Gift Ideas

You'll find loads of Christmas Tree decorating ideas or making mini trees from scratch. There are great traditional or unique DIY Wreaths and Ornaments in this collection as well.Over 90 Christmas Tree-Wreath-Ornament Ideas
Press the links below for a closer look at how to make these handmade Christmas Tree, Wreath, and Ornaments. I hope you find just the thing you were hoping to add to your holiday decorating theme this year.