30 Minute Eastlake Farmhouse Swivel Mirror Makeover

Ever pass on a great piece of furniture or in this case, large mirror because of its dated 90's oak finish? When Mr. Frugalista told me about this Vintage Eastlake style swivel mirror that was up for auction, I gave him the thumbs up to start bidding. Assuming others couldn't see past the golden oak finish, he won for a whopping $20. This mirror is huge, heavy and vintage - perfect for above a fireplace mantel or foyer.

With very little paint, I transformed this Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror into the ever-popular Farmhouse style in less than 30 minutes.

Farmhouse Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror

30 Minute Eastlake Swivel Mirror Makeover 

I was so excited to get started I didn't realize until after I started that I hadn't taken a before picture. So this is what the mirror looked like before...or after I started the makeover.

Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror Before

I didn't keep track of the time but when I say I completed this makeover in under 30 minutes, it was probably closer to 15, it was that easy.

First I gave it a scrub with vinegar and water using an old toothbrush to get into the carving details and between the spindle rails and let it dry completely.

The wood had a glossy finish so I used 150-grit sandpaper to rough up the wood to give the chalk paint some bite.

Dry Brush Technique on Eastlake Style Tilt Mirror

Next, I used the same dry brush technique as I did on my Antique Wash Stand using Annie Sloan Chalk paint in the color Old White.

Simply dip only the tips of an inexpensive chip brush into the paint and with light pressure apply long random brush strokes. You're pretty much just hitting the high points and allowing the low points of the original finish to show throw. If you get too much paint in some areas, just sand it back with 150 grit sandpaper after the paint dries.

To add a little more distressing, I sanded along the edges of the mirror, trim and wood carvings. The paint was sealed with clear wax, applied with a lint-free rag and buffed to a matte finish.

White washed trim on Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror

Tip For Painting Mirrors

I used to spend time taping around mirrors and window panes before painting and I've learned that it really isn't necessary. Removing chalk paint is so easy with just warm water and a clean rag. Save yourself the time and money spent on tape.

Spindle Rail Base on Eastlake Style Tilt Mirror

Look how pretty those spindle rails look now painted white and distressed.

Distressed Medallion on Farmhouse Swivel Mirror

The wood medallions pop now too.

90's Oak Eastlake Style Mirror Transformation

I really wanted to keep this lovely pivot mirror but I don't have the wall space for it in my house. Also, as much as I love the Farmhouse look, I have very little of it in my house and so off to my booth at the Blue Jar Antique Mall this went. I do hope it finds the perfect Farmhouse home soon.

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Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror Farmhouse Makeover
Would you have passed on this mirror if you saw it? Have I inspired you not to shy away from 90's honey oak pieces? Perhaps you have some pieces in storage that you inherited and this inspired you to update them with paint so they can be reloved into your living space? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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