Antique Washstand Dry Brushed White

Oh my goodness you guys, I stepped so far out of my comfort zone on this makeover that I had to do it in the comfort of my pajamas. It's one of those you either love or hate kind of paint techniques. I personally love highly distressed or dry brushed painted furniture but I'm not known to do them. But this Antique washstand dry brushed white wouldn't accept anything less.

Believe me, I tried persuading it to be more modest but it's been hanging around some very creative women for many years. I wish I could tell you where I got it but they'd have to kill me. Just know that it was surrounded by vintage movie cameras and film reels, and old brick walls and the drawer was filled with makeup.

Antique Wash Stand Makeover

Dry Brushed Antique Washstand 

But the poor old gal was getting a little worse for wear.

Antique Wash Stand Before

Before I get into all the juicy details, today is Furniture Fixer Uppers day, one of my favorite days of the month. Six talented and creative bloggers coming together to breathe new life into six furniture pieces that had seen better days.

In case you missed last months challenge, I transformed Mom's Floor Standing Jewelry Chest and had a little fun with dollar store napkins.

You may want to grab your favorite beverage because this post is loaded with photos, I'll wait.

Antique Wash Stand Original Casters
This piece is so old look at the casters that were on it. I've never seen wood casters before. Sadly two were missing so they had to be replaced. I kept these because you never know when they'll come in handy.

To get a better look at the dry brushed paint technique, this is what the sides look like.

Antique Wash Stand Dry Brushed White

So all I did was dip the tips of my paintbrush into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Old White and used long random brush strokes over the original wood. In areas where I loaded too much paint, I simply wiped the paint off with a wet rag. Easy peasy and finished so quickly.

But before I started painting, I had to vacuum the cobwebs and give this old gal a much-needed bath in a 50:50 ratio of water and vinegar. Once clean the broken harp and trim pieces needed to be glued and repaired.

Antique Was Stand Repairs

Next, I got to work on the inside and I almost left it alone because it was so rustic and primitive. But again she would have nothing to do with it. She wanted to be bold and make a statement from the inside out. So we compromised and I left some of her rustic charms peering through.

I used the same dry brush technique with the color Creme Brulee by Country Chic Paint. Those of you who have been following me know that I'm on a mission to use up all the paint in the workshop before purchasing any new cans.

But of course, I couldn't stop there. Because the plan is to use this Antique Wash Stand as a coffee station in our dining room, I pulled out my Homestead Coffee Stencil.

Earlier this week I shared a Coffee Tray Makeover where I used this same stencil but instead of paint, I stenciled with stain. I did it again with the washstand...

Antique Wash Stand Stenciled With Stain

And I used my favorite hot cocoa stencil inside the drawer. Check out those lovely dovetail joints too while you're at it.

Antique Wash Stand Stenciled Drawer

But the front of the door got jealous and wanted to be stenciled too...

Antique Wash Stand Door with Jacobean Floral Stencil

And so I used my Jacobean Floral stencil with the same Old White chalk paint.

Antique Wash Stand Stenciled Door

Then she shouted, "what about some jewelry?" I wasn't a fan of the original knob and I question whether it was original to this piece. I replaced it with a classic white ceramic knob from my stash that I think is a lot more fitting.

Antique Wash Stand With Ceramic Knob

The entire wash stand, inside and out, was protected with creamy FAT Wax, a combination of beeswax/carnauba wax and it really brought out the rustic dry brushed finish.

Antique Wash Stand Open

A gal who has been hanging around creative women and vintage movie cameras needs a harp.

Antique Wash Stand Harp With Coffee Mugs

Here is a closer peek at the top of the Antique Wash Stand. The original plan was to sand the wood and stain it a dark walnut but there were too many stains that could not be removed so it also received the dry brushed treatment.

Antique Wash Stand With Dry Brushed Top

Have you ever dried lavender?

Antique Wash Stand With Pitcher Of Dried Lavender

I harvested the lavender in the pitcher from my garden last year and shared a post about How To Harvest And Dry Lavender.

Mr. Frugalista is an avid collector of CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) silver and I staged the photos with a few pieces from his prized collection.

Antique Wash Stand With CPR Silver Collection

Let's take a fun look at the Before and After of this Antique Wash Stand. Here is another look at the Before...

Antique Was Stand Before During Repairs
and the After...
Antique Wash Stand After Makeover

Last year I attempted the dry brush paint technique on another furniture makeover and you can see it here in my post, Carte Postale Queen Anne Desk.

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Antique Wash Stand Before and After

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if the wax to protect it was done before or after the painting? Beautiful job btw.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like the antique washstand makeover. Applying a coat of clear wax after the makeover protects the painted/stencilled finish. The wax needs to be buffed to a matte finish with a lint free rag. Note that the wax takes around thirty days to completely cure. I hope this helps!


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