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Playful Scandinavian Half Painted Chairs

The plan today was to share the easiest chair makeover EVER. One - two hours tops and this baby would be declared finished. Less than two hours later I hung up my shop apron and went for a celebratory dinner. So proud of the way I transformed my beechwood chair into a playful Scandinavian half painted finish.

And then this happened...

The following morning with coffee in hand I went down to the workshop to admire my fulfilled creative vision.

And I hated it.

I'll share the reasons why later in this post but in the meantime, this is the end result - which I love.

Scandinavian Half Painted Chair with Bentwood Stool

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this makeover I'm so excited to announce a new monthly blog series called the Thrifty Chicks.

Thrifty Chicks Monthly Themed Blog Hop

On the second Wednesday of every month, a few of my creative junk lov'n friends and I will be coming together to share a project based on a different theme. This month the theme is chair and our task is to either transform or repurpose a chair.

How To Create The Scandinavian Half Painted Look On A Wooden Chair

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Supply List

Beechwood Chair
Pure Ocean by Dixie Belle Chalk Paint
Linen White by Rustoleum Chalked Paint
Minwax Polycrylic Gloss Finish
Mouse Sander and 80-grit Mouse Sanding Pads
Painters Tape

This is what my chair looked like before...
Danish Beechwood Chair Before Makeover

Not bad for a $2 thrift store find but it did have a little damage on one of the legs. Looks like either a doggie got hungry one day and called the chair lunch or the previous owner sat in these chairs regularly wearing stilettos and wore a groove into the wood. Something tells me it was the later.

Beechwood damaged chair leg before makeover

Prepping and repairing the chair

The first task was to give the chair a good scrub with vinegar and water. Then I filled the gouges and sanded only the parts of the chair that I would be painting. In the photo below you can see how I used painter's tape to protect the areas I would not be painting and to create lines where the chair would be half painted.

Prepping the Danish Wood Chair before makeover

Executing my paint vision

I painted half of the seat, the top rail and dipped feet in two coats of the color Pure Ocean, a turquoise blue chalk paint by Dixie Belle Paint Company. After a couple hours I declared the chair the easiest makeover EVER and walked away proud of my half painted finish.

Hated the look

This is where I walked into the shop with coffee in hand to admire my Scandinavian half painted chair vision and froze.

I hated it.

It looked all wrong.

The dipped legs looked dippy, the back rungs looked naked, and the whole thing looked like a half-baked attempt at painting a chair. Sorry, but in my state of panic, I completely forgot to take a photo.

Onto Plan B

It felt like the chair needed a pop of crisp white but the question was where? Painting the other half of the seat defeated the half painted look. After a lot of pondering I decided to paint just the two middle chair rungs white.

I liked it.

I liked it a lot.

Top half of Scandinavian Half Painted Wooden Chair

But now the bottom half of the chair looked like it needed some white and so I added a white dipped layer above the blue on each leg.

Hated it.


Don't the legs remind you of a croquet mallet?

Changed the plan for Scandinavian Half Painted Chair Makeover

...and the ridges were sanded and onto Plan C.

Plan C

Go big or go home said the Aqua dipped feet.

Scandinavian Chair with Aqua Dipped style legs

I'm much happier with the results - it just needed that pop of fresh crisp white that is so popular in Scandinavian furniture.

Danish wooden chair half painted in Aqua

As for the Bentwood Stool

This is the second makeover for the bentwood stool. Last year I gave it a Farmhouse Style Makeover (oh goodness, I just realized I used the same branches in those photos too). After several unsuccessful attempts to sell it at local markets, it sat in the basement collecting dust. Realizing the stool would pair beautifully with the Scandinavian chair, I gave it a fresh new look.

Top view of Scandinavian Half Painted Chairs with Bentwood Stool

Want to know the best part about my Playful Scandinavian Half Painted Chair?

...there are TWO!

Pair of Scandinavian Half Painted Chairs with Bentwood Stool

If you like the half painted dipped leg Scandinavian look, please share this makeover with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.
Playful Scandinavian Half Painted Chairs Before and After

So what do you think of the Scandinavian half painted chair technique, do you like the look?

I can't wait to see how my talented friends transformed these chairs/chair parts.
Repurposed Dining Chair by Little Vintage Cottage
Repurposed Chair to Bird Feeder by Thrifty Rebel Vintage
Leg-o-matic Chair Refresh by Lora Bloomquist

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