Curbside Tilt Top Drop Leaf Table AGAIN but with Parisian Flair

Those of you who have been following me from the beginning may remember this Curbside Tilt Top Table with the pretty scalloped edge. Back in 2013, Mr. Frugalista noticed it at the end of our neighbor's driveway with a take me sign taped on to it. He didn't have to twist my arm when asked if I wanted it.

It sat in our living room for a couple of years and was the perfect table for this room with a small footprint. It took up very little space when not in use by dropping the leaves on both sides. It has been replaced with a different table and so today I'm sharing this Curbside Tilt Top Drop Leaf Table Again but with a Parisian flair!

Curbside Tilt Top Table with French Script

Round Scalloped Tilt Top Drop Leaf Tea Table With French Script Top

Here are pictures of what the table looked like while being prepped and after the first makeover. I must apologize for the poor quality photos as they were taken in the early days of blogging. If you missed that post you can catch it here at Curbside Tilt Top Table.

Curbside Tilt Top Table Before and First Makeover

Sadly, I don't have room for this table in my home anymore and so I will be selling it at the Curated Holiday Market in November. But before I do, it was in need of a refresh with a certain je ne sais quoi!

French Scalloped Tilt Top Table

I sanded the top and repainted it with red chalk paint, The pièce de résistance was adding the French script stencil to the top. Oh là là!

French stenciled Tilt Top Table

After the stenciled detail dried I lightly distressed it with 220 grit sandpaper. Then I applied a top coat of clear wax followed by dark wax to settle into the grooves around the scalloped edge and add a vintage look to the script.

I refreshed the red chalk painted feet and added dark wax but left the pedestal base as is.

Curbside Tilt Top Table pedestal base

This is what the table looks like with the drop leaf sides down...

Chalk painted drop leaf scalloped table

I love this table even more now and it is going to be so hard to part with it but after numerous unsuccessful attempts at making it work in our living room, I have to bid it farewell.

Pedestal tilt top drop leaf table

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Curbside Tilt Top Drop Leaf Table AGAIN

If you saw this table on the curb, would you pick it up?

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