Rustic Homestead Blend Coffee Tray

If you've been following me for any length of time you know, besides my love of vintage jewelry box makeovers, I also enjoy transforming wooden trays. The inexpensive natural Winsome wood breakfast tray I'm sharing today can be found at many retailers, including thrift stores. What I especially liked about this one was its size.

Rustic Homestead Blend Coffee Tray

Rustic Homestead Blend Coffee Tray

This is what it looked like before...

Natural Winsome Wood Breakfast Tray Before Makeover

A popular and functional tray with a melamine top that makes wiping away spills very easy. But frankly, they completely lack any personality.

We go through all the work of cleaning our houses, preparing delicious food, and mixing our favorite drinks for our Summer soirees and then serve them to our guests on a lifeless, boring tray.

We're going to change than TODAY because I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily inject some personality into these babies.

Step 1: Adding Layers Of Paint

An inexpensive breakfast tray refresh with layers of chalk paint

The first thing to do is rough up the Winsome wood with sandpaper or a sanding block so the chalk paint has some bite. Apply your first color, mine is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Louis Blue.

Once that dries to the touch apply your second color - mine is Sage Advice by Country Chic Paint. Repeat the step above except remove some of the excess paint from your brush onto a paper towel. This is called dry brushing and with very little pressure, sweep the paint across the surface with long, random brush strokes, Let the brush land where it may so you don't cover the base color.

Once that dries (mere minutes) repeat the second step with a third color.  This time hitting the side of your bristles along the edges and corners to give them definition. The dark gray color I used is Rocky Mountain by Country Chic Paint.

Step 2: Decoupaging Scrapbook Paper Over The Melamine Top 

Scrapbook paper decoupaged onto a melamine tray

I used two pieces of scrapbook paper that I had on hand (I show three pieces in the photo but I only needed two).  Simply lay the first piece onto the top in the direction you want the pattern to face. Run your fingertips along the bottom edge of the tray to get the perfect measurement for cutting the paper. I always use a paper cutter rather than scissors for a nice crisp edge.

Repeat the process for the second sheet of paper.  Now that you have the paper cut to the correct height you need to measure the second piece for the proper width.  To do this, just like hanging wallpaper, find the pattern repeat.  Hold the paper in place with one hand and make a crease with your fingertips for the end cut.

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the tray and onto the back of the first piece of scrapbook paper. Line up the paper to the outer edge and with a credit card or handy decoupage squeegee, rub the wrinkles out as you go. Wipe away any excess Mod Podge that might seep through around the edges with a clean damp rag.

Repeat the process for the second sheet, lining up the edge perfectly with the pattern repeat on the first sheet.

Step 3: Applying A Stencil

A Homestead Blend Coffee Stencil over a decoupaged tray

Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, add a fun stencil onto the top. I just love my Homestead Blend Coffee stencil and have used it on multiple projects.  I used it on a Coffee Mug Holder that I made for my daughter's kitchen.  I also applied it on a Photo Tray and Thrift Store Wooden Tray transformation.

Lay the stencil onto the center of your tray and hold it in place with delicate surface painter's tape. Using the same Rocky Mountain chalk paint color, I applied the paint with a bristle stencil brush in swirling motions.  The trick is removing the excess paint onto a paper towel so very little paint remains on the brush.

Step 4: Protecting The Tray

To protect the paper top, simply apply two coats of Mod Podge, letting it dry between coats.

I protected my tray with clear wax, applied using a clean lint free rag because I love how the wax intensifies the colors.

Decoupaged Coffee Tray

This is a great afternoon project and the possibilities are endless!  Go all funky with bright bold colors and patterns.  Let the scrapbook paper be your guide for color and style.

DIY Rustic Homestead Blend Coffee Tray

My Rustic Homestead Blend Coffee Tray sold quickly at the outdoor market in May. I had numerous customers ask if I had Tea Trays available.  Being a coffeeholic, the thought never crossed by mind but you can be sure at the next market there will be something for the tea drinkers too.

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Rustic Homestead Blend Coffee Tray Before and After

Okay my friends, I know you've probably been wondering, "what's up with the lilacs already"?

This bouquet has made frequent appearances on the blog over the last couple of months. Truth be told, most of the projects I've been sharing were finished and photographed in May. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers that grace us with their beauty for such a short period. Consider these the lilacs that just keep on giving.You're welcome!

Have I inspired you to look twice at those wooden trays during your next thrift store jaunt?

Come back for a visit on Thursday for Themed Furniture Makeover Day where I'll be sharing a piece I decided to keep for our deck.

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