A Scalloped Tea Table Makeover Inspired By Chocolate

Have you ever tried transferring an image onto a piece of furniture? There are many ways to transfer images but today I'm sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it with image transfer medium and it's actually a lot of fun.

Today is Themed Furniture Makeover Day and the theme this month is Inspired by Chocolate. In my furniture stash, I happened to have the perfect scalloped Queen Anne tea table that was just begging for a pretty graphics on the top.

A Scalloped Queen Anne Tea Table Inspired By Chocolate

A few chocolates may have been consumed in the making of this project.

A Scalloped Tea Table Makeover Inspired By Chocolate

This is what the Queen Anne tea table, originally from the Bombay Company, looked like before the makeover...

Queen Anne Tea Table Before Makeover

I have to admit this piece was a joy to work on compared to my hair pulling, curse-spewing, wine drinking saga last month with my Shades of White Chair from hell.

Simplicity White Chalk Painted Tea Table

So this is what I did with this cute little table. After applying a coat of shellac, because I knew the dark wood was going to bleed through the paint, I brushed three thin coats of Simplicity White chalk paint.

For a timeworn look, I distressed it with 150 grit sandpaper. To protect the finish I applied a generous coat of Metallic Pearl Wax. It's hard to see in the pictures but it gives off a beautiful pearlescent shimmer.

Chalk Painted Tea Table with Metallic Pearl Wax

So where's the chocolate inspiration you ask? I found the perfect Vintage Scandinavian Chocolate Graphic at the Graphics Fairy site to transfer onto the top.

Tea Table with Vintage Scandinavian Chocolate Graphic

Image Transfer Technique

Step 1 - Print Graphic

Print a mirror image of the graphic onto bond paper. If you use an inkjet printer you need to let the ink dry for several hours, I let mine dry overnight. If you use a laser printer you can skip the ink drying process.

Step 2 - Add graphic to table top

Apply Image Transfer Medium (Mod Podge also works) with a foam brush onto the image side of the paper. Place image side down onto the center of the table, being careful NOT to move the image or it will smudge. Use a brayer or credit card and gently rub over the graphic to remove any air bubbles and ensure a tight bond with the table surface. Allow the paper to completely dry before moving on to the next step.
Tea Table with Vintage Graphic using Image Transfer Medium

Step 3 - Remove layers of paper

Working in sections, spray the image with water and gently rub the first layer of paper off with your fingertips. Let the paper dry and repeat this process to remove the next layer of paper. Repeat this step until all the layers have been removed and the graphic becomes clear.

Note: The image will look somewhat cloudy after all the layers are removed, don't be alarmed. The next step will remove that murkiness.

Removing layers of paper from graphic on Scalloped Tea Table

You can see in the picture above how stark the white table is compared to the vintage graphic. Next, I dry brushed layers of chalk paint in the colors Vintage Cupcake and Sage Advice around the graphic.

Tea Table dry brushed with Vintage Cupcake and Sage Advice chalk paint

To remove the cloudy residue that may remain on the graphics and to protect the table top, apply two coats of Matte Tough Coat.

Step 4 - Age the table top

For a time-worn look, apply dark wax over the entire tabletop, including the graphics, with a lint free rag and wipe away the excess. I reapplied   I reapplied Pearl wax on the scalloped edge to get some pearlescent shimmer back onto the white paint.

Queen Anne Tea Table with Vintage Graphic and Dark Wax

Have I inspired you to transfer an image onto a piece of furniture using image transfer medium? This little table sold quickly at a recent outdoor market.

Chocolate Inspired Tea Table

If you found this image transfer tutorial helpful or like the makeover I gave this Scalloped Queen Anne Table, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.
Scalloped Queen Anne Tea Table With Vintage Chocolate Graphic Before and After

How To Transfer Images Onto Furniture

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