Vintage Footstool Makeover with Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Good Morning, isn't this photo a welcoming treat on this cool November day! I have the pleasure of introducing you to Robin of Redo It Yourself Inspirations who is exceptionally talented furniture and home decor reimaginer.  Today she is sharing her Vintage Footstool Makeover with you and so without further ado, please give Robin a warm welcome...

Vintage Footstool Makeover with Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Hello friends! I'm so excited to be visiting you from Marie's blog today! I'm Robin from Redo It Yourself Inspirations where I blog about thrifty "redo's".

I'd love to share this vintage footstool makeover with you. Since it was a thrift shop find, it was very cheap but in need of a big update.

First, the seat had to be removed to work on the stool frame. Because of the style I had in mind called for "aged" wood, all I did was sand the existing wood finish to distress it. Then cleaned it off.

That was it!

Then the seat, old upholstery, and buttons were removed to reupholster the cushion frame.

I used three layers of quilting poly-fill to cover the seat by stapling it to the underside.

Then covered the poly-fill with felt. (Again, stapled underneath.)

For a cozy winter upholstery, I chose this cable knit sweater from a thrift shop.

Deciding to reuse the stool tufting buttons, I recovered them as well. I used the original holes in the frame to reattach them.

This was very easy and quick to do.

Now the stool has a new look.  An expensive look from current magazines, but for less.

Psst... a LOT less.

$2 for the stool and 99 cents for the sweater!

This updated "vintage" appearance is much better than the old version.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY and will try it yourself. I had a lot of fun doing it for Marie!

Thank you so much for having me here today!

Robin, thank you so much for so generously helping me out during my last week of surgical recovery. I love the makeover you gave this vintage footstool, especially upholstering it with a sweater!  Using it to elevate my knees in front of that warm cozy fire with a good book would have been perfect during my recovery.

I hope you all enjoyed Robin's post as much as I did.  I urge you to pop over to Redo It Yourself Inspirations to give Robin a warm hello.  While there check out her gallery of furniture makeovers - I promise you will not be disappointed.

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