A funny story about an Arles and Dark Walnut Farmhouse Table Makeover

I've been having a little fun getting messy with this Arles and Dark Walnut Farmhouse Makeover. The more I use this color the more I love it. Yellow is normally not a color I gravitate towards but this heavy Oak Side Table was just begging for it.

Arles and Dark Walnut Table Makeover Before and After

Arles and Dark Walnut Farmhouse Table Makeover

This is what it looked like before the makeover...

Oak Side Table Before

A funny (not so funny at the time) thing happened when I went to start this makeover. I went into our storage room to change into the painting clothes that were strewn on the basement floor (don't judge me) and when I picked up the pants I heard a noise. My mind automatically went to mouse but I snap myself out of it.

I put on my pants and head towards the workshop when I feel something inside my pant leg. Screaming like a wild woman and running around the basement frantically trying to pull them off when a sock comes falling out of my pant leg. I'm still cracking up as I type this.

When I finally calmed down from my fits of laughter, I got to work. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the top yet so I flipped the table over and got to work painting the legs and apron. Painting Arles over light wood looks fabulous when distressed. The color also comes alive with some clear wax but the depth happens when you add dark wax.

Oak Side Table Painted with Arles Chalk Paint

Oak Side Table in Arles Chalk Paint and Dark Wax

I flipped the table upright and hummed and hawed about what to do with the top. I contemplated painting it red, for a millisecond, but decided to leave it natural wood. I gave it a light and stained it with three coats of Minwax in Dark Walnut. I loved how all the imperfections in the wood was taking on a rustic appearance. The darker I went the more I liked it.  I followed up with three coats of Minwax Satin Polycrylic to protect the finish.

Oak Side Table Top with Minwax Dark Walnut Stain

 Arles Chalk Paint and Minwax Dark Walnut Stain Table Makeover

This piece is for sale.

Oak Side Table Makeover After

Oak Side Table Makeover After in Arles Chalk Paint and Dark Walnut

While working on this rustic table I had another project on the go in the extreme opposite style. Think Breakfast at Tiffany's. I can't wait to show you that one on Thursday!