Turquoise Sofa Table Makeover

Our humble abode was is bursting at the seams with furniture. Last weekend I bit the bullet and decided to part with some of our pieces. Like this sofa table that we've had for years. I love this table and it'll be hard to part with but the need to declutter wins. This second turquoise sofa table makeover is a good example of how when you grow tired of a piece, it can be transformed again with paint and not be ruined.

Turquoise Sofa Table After

Turquoise Sofa Table Makeover

Originally it looked like this...

Turquoise Sofa Table Originally
Sorry, pre-blogging photo

...and then like this.

Turquoise Sofa Table After It's First Makeover
Sorry, before I knew anything about taking good pictures.

I decided to freshen it up with one more makeover before parting with it. The plan was to paint it turquoise with little distressing and silver leaf the grooves. Well this baby had a mind of it's own and no matter how hard I tried it decided it wanted more distressing.

Turquoise Sofa Table with distressing

Silver leaf in the grooves?  Heck no it wanted white!

Turquoise Sofa Table with white details

So turquoise and white it is!  I waxed the entire table with my new favorite thing...white wax.

Turquoise Sofa Table Left Side

I kept the original (original from the first makeover) glass knobs.

Turquoise Sofa Table with glass knobs

I added some pretty to the inside of the drawer.

Turquoise Sofa Table drawer lined with wallpaper

And now it is time to part with it. Despite having no room in this house I really really really want to keep it. I have absolutely no turquoise in this house but I still want to keep it.

Turquoise Sofa Table After

But I can't so bye-bye sofa table, I hope you find a good home!

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